Create Virtual Desktops in Windows with Sysinternals Desktops


  1. Gotta say I prefer VirtuaWin, also free ( – it has more useful features, including hotkeys to move the current window to a different desktop; a “preview desktop” extension; a setting to pop a window from anther desktop onto the current one if something happens (like mail arriving from the boss); hotkey to dismiss windows back to their original desktops when you’re finished dealing with an event, and lots more. I find myself missing those capabilities when I try simpler virtual desktop utilities, including the native Win7 virtual desktop.

  2. I’m having compatibility issues with other applications. Specifically, I use a print screen tool (called Greenshot) extensively. The difficulty I have is that I can only run one instance of Greenshot. Greenshot runs at logon by default and it works fine on desktop1. However, try and use it on a different desktop and the Windows print screen function fires. If I try to run the Greenshot exe on a different desktop, I get a message indicating that “an instance of Greenshot is already running”.

    Is this a problem with Desktop.exe or Greenshot.exe? Apart from that, I’ve tried VirtuaWin and this product is better. If this exe instance can be fixed, Desktops will be a great product.


  3. Hi Steven,

    Thanks for posting your comment about VirtuaWin, didn’t know that app. Is indeed much better! 🙂
    I had issues with both Greenshot & VirtualBox (VirtualBox consumes all host memory when Desktops is used) and I don’t have any issues with VirtuaWin! 😀



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