View Friends’ activity & see Activity Timeline of a Friend in Xbox app on Windows 10

The Activity Feed in the Xbox App of Windows 10 allows gamers to track the online efforts and developments of their friends in different stages of the games. The feature also allows Xbox users to post new messages, view screenshots and comment on their friends’ recent achievement.

View Friends’ Activity in the Xbox App

You can check out the recent activities of all your friends through the Activity feed on the Home screen of the Xbox app, or you can see the activity timeline of just one of your friends on their profile page.

See activities from your Home screen

When you open the Xbox app, the first screen that is readily visible to you is the Home screen. The screen helps you quickly find what’s been going on with your friends since you last signed in.

After you have finished reviewing the Activity feed on the Home screen, you can make a comment on your friends’ recent achievements and game clips. Here’s how you can interact with a friend’s posts,

Here’s how you can interact with a friend’s posts,

Heart Icon – Extend your support for your friends whenever they unlock an achievement with their hard efforts. It’s just similar to ‘LIKE’ icon on Facebook.

like icon

Circle Icon – The icon along with the three circles on it symbolizes that you would either like to share someone’s activity on your Activity feed or in a message you send to others.


Leave a comment box – Use it to type a message for anyone who views your friend’s Activity feed to see.

View Friends' activity

Gavel icon – You can use this icon to report any inappropriate material or a post that you find abusive. The icon resides in the lower right-hand corner of any post.

Gavel icon

See activities from a Friend’s profile

To know what your friends are up to and catch up on their Activity feed, you can search for the friend, double-click their gamertag to open their profile page. Thereafter, from their profile, you can track their developments at the  Activity feed and see what they’ve been up to since you last visited their profile.


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