after upgrading to win 8.1 I faced a black screen problem and I solved the matter that time but,i noticed that when try to login it takes too much time to show the desktop before it was like immediate.
    any solution for that?

  2. ^^ You can run SFC /SCANNOW command in the administrative Command Prompt and see if that helps 🙂

  3. Miauuu

    Did they lost their minds!?!? I performed upgrade to my mother laptop. After upgrade she lost her documents, account is frozen etc. F….. they are stupid or what?

  4. Sylesh A

    Try this… 1. Login as Guest 2. Go to Control panel and go to User Accounts…
    3. In this window you may able to see only Guest as active account.. (Don’t
    worry).. 4. Click on “Manage Another Account” link… 5. You will be prompted to
    enter the previous “Admin password”… (if it was present)… 6. Enter previous
    password and wait until the user setup finish… 7. Log off from guest account
    and login as Admin… Enjoy.. (It worked
    for me… )

  5. bbalk

    when I did the Administrator Command Prompt the response I got was: NET LOCALGROUP [comment: “text”]] [/domain]
    groupname [/domain]

    I typed in “/ADD” and got that it is “not recognized as an internal or external command”

    now what?

  6. bbalk

    here is my User Profiles. did I type the wrong fields in?

    BALB is the computer name
    bbalk is the missing user


  7. ^^ We didn’t checked it on a domain based system so can’t comment for that. Also I suggest you to run the command as it is as mentioned in the article, it may of may not be case sensitive 🙂

  8. Gene Schreiner

    You wrote “After a reboot, you can use the Recover user account option which was missing after upgrade.” I did the steps up to and including the reboot, but how do I find out how to”Recover user account”? I can’t find where that command is for Windows 8.1.

  9. ^^ Since you’ve tried all the steps, recheck the window shown in step 3, can you still see if there is Account Unknown option? If you can’t see that option, it means that missing user account is already added to Administrators group.

  10. Gene Schreiner

    in the User Profiles it shows 5 listed. I only create 3 before Windows 8.1 upgrade.
    There is nothing that looks like option. Here is what I see.
    Account Unknown 384 mb local backup
    Default Profile 1.28 mb local local
    GENES_DELL_PCGene 33.5 GB local local
    GENES_DELL_PCSerraReg 218 MB local local
    GENES_DELL_PCSharon 37.7 GB local backup
    The one I’m trying to restore is the Sharon account. If Sharon signs on it generate a new account with no files.
    I just want the two accounts Gene and Sharon. My account Gene is still working but SerraReg is not neither is Sharon.
    Thank you for any help you can give. is there a way to post a image of the User Profiles screen in this site?

    I’m guessing that if Sharon Status was not Backup it would work. How do I get it to be Local?

  11. mstrenke.13

    I could not get this to work. I have tried 7 times and it says not responding everytime I hit the “settings” button. Any ideas?

  12. MKhan

    The accounts get disabled during the clean install
    How to enable these accounts in Windows 8/8.1
    Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management
    Expand Local Users and Groups
    Click on Users
    Select the local user with the missing profile
    click More Actions for the user (under the Action pane on the far right corner)
    Select properties for this user
    uncheck the option “Account is Disabled”
    You can now use this account to login as a local user once the option is cleared.

  13. maggie

    hi not sure what to do, my user account control wont let me do anything, the yes button is always greyed out. need help badly

  14. Lightnnig

    i got as far as looking in the setting for the profiles and the guest profile imade and a guest2 nether are showing on there but they show in the account manger tho… =/

  15. Ivan Ferrer

    after upgrading to Windows 10 (free) from Windows 7, I lost one of my user accounts!!
    But solved it.
    I didn’t remember that this account was the Administrator one with another name. I had to recover it logging in as another user, right-clicking MyComputer->Manage, then select Local Users and Groups, then click Users folder. You see all accounts there. Double click your lost/hidden account and Enable it in the popup window.
    Yuck! I’m saved!
    Thanks for this article anyway.

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