Use Printer & Scanner as Photocopier with iCopy software for Windows 10/8/7

Earlier, I just had a Printer, which I had bought because I need to take a lot of print-outs. Later, I felt that I also need a Scanner to scan documents. Hence I purchased a scanner. Now the problem is, sometimes I need to make photocopies of certain documents and images. But I really don’t want to invest in a photocopier machine now. So, I scan the document, save it in PDF format on my PC and then open it and say ‘Print’. Easy?

Well, it is easy, but sometimes it becomes a time-consuming and tedious job when I need to follow the same process for a large number of documents. Sometimes I wonder if there is a way to merge these two functions of scanning and printing. Life will become so simple if I can use printer and scanner as a photocopier. Then I came across this easy-to-use software called ‘iCopy‘. It is actually a freeware with less number of requirements, and it doesn’t even require installation.

Use Printer & Scanner as Photocopier

iCopy is a free and open source software that lets its users use a Printer and a Scanner as Photocopier. It consists of a simple user interface that allows you to manage various printer and scanner options such as contrast, brightness, and number of copies. And it doesn’t require many processes for this. All you have to do is simply press a button, and the copies are out. Besides, you can also use ADF or Automatic Document Feeder function which takes several pages and feeds one page at a time. Its features are:

  • Easy-to-understand interface:  iCopy consists of a very simple interface. It’s small window offers various actions and options like paper size, image setting, color and copies in a single click.  The ‘Copy’ button of iCopy lets you print or save the documents in a single click. Thus, you can convert printer and scanner as a photocopier in no time.

use printer and scanner as photocopier

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  • A feature of Automatic Document Feeder:  With iCopy, you can make use of ADF or Automatic document feeder feature of your printer and scanner.
  • Launching iCopy automatically: If you are going to use iCopy quite often, then making iCopy a default application makes sense. To do so, click the ‘scan’ button on your scanner and then choose iCopy as a default application. Then click the scanner button once again, and from next time onwards, iCopy will be launched automatically.
  • Image settings: The typical image-setting functions such as contrast, brightness, enlargement, and resolution can also be used with iCopy.

use printer and scanner as photocopier

  • Scanning more selection
  • Scan to file function
  • Scan multiple pages before printing
  • Preview function
  • Scaling by percentage function
  • No installation needed
  • Little hard disk space required
  • Compatible with all WIA scanners and all printers
  • Command line parameters

To be able to use this free software, you require a WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) compatible scanner and a printer.

The latest version as of date includes a new feature of PDF creation added to the latest version of iCopy. Earlier, with some scanners like some Canon MX multifunction printers, the acquired image was not centered in the created PDF. In the latest version of iCopy, this problem too has been solved.

iCopy software download

If you are looking for a free and easy-to-use application for Windows that will enable covert printer and scanner into a photocopier, then iCopy is the best option. Go get it from SourceForge.

Let us know your experiences with it.

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