Use Microsoft Band keyboard to reply to any SMS text message

With the Microsoft Band 2, owners of the device get 3 basic ways for replying to an incoming SMS message. First, a user can send a predefined text message also known as “Quick reply” by defining up to four quick reply messages.  By default, 2 out of 4 are already set up for you:

  • I’ll call you back
  • I’m in a meeting

Additional 2 messages can be added through the Microsoft Health App. These predefined message find their potent use in situations like meeting where you need to send a quick response back without being noted as a person who plays with his phone during important discussion.

Microsoft band keyboard

Reply to SMS text message with Microsoft Band Keyboard

On your Band, press the Power button.

Next, swipe left and tap the Settings Tile > Keyboard Keyboard icon . Tap ‘Lets get started’.

Follow the instructions to enter the highlighted letters and send the message “Have fun.”

For replying with the keyboard:

On your Band, press the power button. Swipe left, tap the Messaging Tile , tap a message, swipe up, and tap Reply.

To read an incoming message:

Swipe up and tap Reply. Next, tap Keyboard Keyboard icon.

Tap letters on the keyboard to enter your reply.

Please note that replies can contain a maximum of 160 characters. The keyboard includes the standard letters with a space button to the lower corner and a period on the top left corner.

Microsoft band keyboard qwerty

To review and edit your reply:

From the keyboard, swipe right and tap any suggested option to replace your selected word with the option:

  • Append text. Swipe right to the keyboard and enter text to append text to the end of your message.
  • Tap Delete icon to delete the selected word
  • Plus sign. Tap Plus sign icon to display the keyboard and insert text before your selected word.
  • Press the action button to send your reply to the sender.
  • Escape suggestions. Swipe left to escape suggested options.


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