How to use Cortana on Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Band 2 works on different devices apart from Windows 10 Mobile like, iOS, and Android, but Windows users enjoy certain features that are currently exclusive to them. Cortana integration with Microsoft Band 2 enhances the functionality of the wearable by many folds. That said, in order to make Cortana work with your Microsoft Band 2, you need to install Cortana on your phone first. Follow the tutorial to know more.

Speak to Cortana on Microsoft Band

Cortana application makes use of the mic on your Band to listen when you speak. You can use Cortana as and when you like, even if the display is turned off provided your phone is in close proximity (30 feet of your Band).

Now, to make Cortana hear something from your band, press and hold the action button on your Band for two seconds. Cortana will begin listening and will open the Cortana app on your phone.

Cortana on Microsoft Band

Speak clearly into the mic (located to the left of the touchscreen on your Band). It is the tiny hole. After you have uttered some words, Cortana will open on your phone and respond to your request.

Few seconds later, Cortana will reply and its message will display on your Band. If not, Cortana will inform you if you need to view the reply on your phone.

cortana reply

For replying to text messages with Cortana on your Band, press the Power button on your Band.

Next, swipe left, tap the Messaging Tile, tap a message, swipe up, and tap Reply.

Please note that when a message arrives, just swipe up and tap Reply.

Next, tap Cortana icon and speak clearly into the mic. Cortana will display your reply.

If at any instant, you would like to reply, swipe right to use the keyboard.

After typing the message, press the action button to send your reply.


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