USB Device Tree Viewer, a Microsoft USBView based program

USB Device Tree Viewer is a free tool that allows you to to browse your USB Controllers and connected USB devices on your Windows computer. It is based on Microsoft USBView. Microsoft USBView is an application that comes with Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 8.1 as a sample code. It allows you to browse all USB controllers and connected USB devices on your system. In the left pane it displays all the USB data in a tree like format and on the right pane displays the USB data structures pertaining to the selected USB device, such as the Device, Configuration, Interface, and Endpoint Descriptors, as well as the current device configuration. Even though the sample is provided there is no actual application included, it’s just code and how to compile them in Visual Studio.

USB Device Tree Viewer

USB Device Tree Viewer

A German developer Uwe Sieber has compiled this application and added few extra features and released a free tool called USB Device Tree Viewer. According the developer these are the changed he made to the original code

  1. It offers TreeView with custom icons
  2. USBTreeView shows child devcies, including drive letters and COM-ports, as it collects information from the Windows Device Management
  3. Extended USB information available under Windows 8
  4. Enumeration of the USB devices is accelerated and has been kept independent of the Tree View
  5. Failed USB requests are re-tried in the background
  6. Even if you Refresh, the tree item selection is kept
  7. Includes a Toolbar with jump-lists
  8. Can show Hexdump of the descriptors
  9. Window position is always saved
  10. You can change the background color and font of the right pane
  11. The text output is rearranged
  12. Safe removal, device restart and port restart included.

There is a lot of information available about each USB port that can be really helpful at times. Like for instance, the driver name, sleep state, USB Hub Descriptor, etc. The freeware will tell us if the USB Hub is High Speed Capable. Also for the newer USB chipset i.e. USB Enhance Controller will give a comprehensive view of the Power State.

usb2In short USB Device Tree Viewer is a nifty little tool to know more about your USB controller which will give you more insight to what actually happening and what your USB ports are capable off. You can use USB Device Tree Viewer to troubleshoot USB issues, if you find that the built-in USB Troubleshooter does not help you solve your USB problems – but beginners may find it difficult to use.

Download it from its home page.

I hope you find this tool helpful.

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