Types of Cloud services & Microsoft Cloud


  1. Thanks Harsh. Nice and easy explanation.

    Going by the description above, is it correct to say that Platform as a Service (PaaS)is not a new thing, as Google’s Gmail and Apps, instant messaging from AOL, Yahoo and Google, and VoIP from Vonage and Skype, etc have been in the market for a long time?

    Appreciate your response.

  2. Hii Grr….Well PaaS stresses on the requirement of developing,deploying and maintaining the apps on the cloud…it is certainly a new thing because it will revolutionize the way you build apps.I will tell you in my future posts.

    Regarding Google’s Gmail and Docs(apps) they actually come under the category of Saas OR application as a service but it is not actually a platform as a service and same are with the VoIP from Vonage and Skype.

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