Turn your Mouse into a Laser Pointer in PowerPoint

SlideShow Presentation is important for presenting a new piece of work and ideas to an audience on a projection screen. Whether it is a business presentation or an academic presentation, we all use Microsoft PowerPoint to deliver a lecture or demonstrate a new product or present a new idea. The lectures are made more interactive by using a laser pointer to highlight some points of interest. We all use laser points to deliver the presentation to draw the attention of the audience to something important on a slide, but, what if you forgot to get your laser pointer and have a presentation to deliver in few minutes.

Well, PowerPoint has its very own laser pointer feature with the help of which you can turn your mouse pointer into laser pointer to highlight some key points of interest by illuminating it with a small bright spot of colored light. Users can use the laser pointer feature both in slideshow view as well as reading view. Additionally, you can enable the laser point for slideshow either for a beginning slide or simply enable the laser pointer from a current slide to start your presentation. In this article, we explain how to turn your mouse into laser pointer in Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows.

Turn Mouse into a Laser Pointer in PowerPoint

To use Power Point laser pointer in slideshow view, Start your PowerPoint presentation slide show. If you want to enable laser pointer for a slide from the beginning, click on From Beginning tab else, click on Current Slide to start your slideshow, and use laser point from the current slide.

To use Power Point laser pointer in Reading view, click on the View tab and select the Reading view button.

To turn on the laser pointer feature, hold the Ctrl Key and then click left mouse button. You will see that the mouse cursor disappears and a laser dot pointer is displayed on the screen. .Hold the Ctrl key and, click and Drag the left mouse button to highlight the content on the slide in order to catch the attention of the audience.

The color of the pointer is red by default. However, Users can easily customize the color of the pointer to other colors like blue and green. To change the color of your laser pointer, follow the below steps.

On the Slideshow tab, click on Set Up Slideshow in the Set Up group.

On the Set Up Show window, under the Show options section, select one of the custom colors from the Laser Pointer Color list.

Turn Mouse into a Laser Pointer in PowerPoint

To apply and save the color settings, click Ok.

That’s all.

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