File your Taxes easily with TurboTax app for Windows 10

With the Tax season going on in the United States, a new Windows Store app has been launched and it is called TurboTax. TurboTax is a free Windows Store app for Windows 10 that lets you file your tax returns easily. It comes with a lot of features that can prove to be useful while filing a TAX return. Also, the customer support and expert guidance provided by the tool is unmatched.

File Taxes with TurboTax app

Not only the tax returns, TurboTax automates the task of filing all the manual entries that required your attention earlier. The tool can import all of your data from the W-2s and 1990s forms, completely eliminating the need to manually filing those entries.

File Taxes with TurboTax app

TurboTax offers a variety of packages to choose from. There is a standard Free version available that can handle most of the simple state and federal returns.Then the Deluxe variant can handle stock bonds, investments and rental properties. It can also maximize property tax deductions. The deluxe package covers most of the tax situations but if you are self-employed you need to check out the next package.

The self-employed package covers most of the tax situation and along with it also provides great expense tracking. As per the software’s website, the program claims to automatically find deductible expenses that can be claimed. This feature ensures that you have claimed each and every dollar at the right place. Also, the self-employed package attempts to maximize work deductions: vehicles, phones, supplies, and home office.

Now if you are not sure enough about filing your TAX returns, you can consider the package that includes ‘Expert Review’. In this package, you have to do your TAX yourself but an expert or a CPA will review your entire return before you submit it. All the changes required will be marked and you can make certain changes before submitting the report.

The last package is the Ultimate one and is for them who want an expert to file the return for them. A certified CPA or EA matching your situation will be allotted to you who will file the return on your behalf. You can video chat with the expert to discuss your situation and details about your TAX report. Also with the progress tracker in place, you can see how the expert is doing your return. In the event that you are contacted by IRS, you will be represented by an expert.

You can check out the prices for all these packages in the image below. Another amazing service offered by TurboTax is the on-demand expert help. You can share your screen and the experts can provide you real time answers to your tax related queries. You can even schedule an appointment with an expert before filing your return.

All in all, TurboTax can be a great TAX companion. It can make the job a lot easier and get you immediate help if you are stuck anywhere. If you’ve already been doing your tax yourself, you may find this tool relatively easier to use. And for those who are going to do it for the first time, give this application a shot.

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