Microsoft Fix It or Automated Troubleshooting Package not working

We have been covering various Fix It’s and ATS from Microsoft Automated Troubleshooting (MAT). These tools help us identify and resolve our Windows problems and issues automatically with a few clicks.

Microsoft Fix It not working

Microsoft Support uses MATS to collect diagnostic information from a Windows-based computer, to analyze the data that is collected for known root causes, and to determine the correct resolution to any issues found. The information that is collected may also be used to automatically perform common troubleshooting tasks or automatically fix known problems on your computer.

As a Windows MAT user, you may have some questions about this service and its usage. For instance you might want to know, Which URLs may be required be configured on a firewall/ proxy if you find that your diagnostic package is not running properly?

The following are the URLs are accessed when you run a diagnostic package:


Answers to these and many other frequently asked questions can be found at the KB article.

Also, when you run a diagnostic or click on the Run button, if you get the following errors or error messages:

  1. This computer option is dimmed and the diagnostic cannot be run
  2. We were unable to download the necessary components from our server. Please try again later error message, and the application closes.
  3. Only the “Save” and “Cancel” options are visible
  4. We’re sorry, but an error occurred: Cookies are either not enabled in your browser or have been deleted
  5. The application was unable to contact the diagnostic server. Please make sure that you are connected to the Internet, then try again
  6. This application is not supported on this Operating System or a This diagnostic tool does not support your computer’s configuration error message and the application closes
  7. Unable to find a version of the run-time to run this application
  8. Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded error message, and the diagnostic does not run
  9. This troubleshooter doesn’t apply to this computer (Error 0x80005005) or a This troubleshooter doesn’t apply to your system error message, and the application closes
  10. We are sorry but your passkey for this diagnostic tool is outdated or has expired error message, and you cannot run the diagnostic
  11. We’re sorry, but the program encountered an error trying to contact the server. Please try again later. [Code 80072EE7] error message
  12. The results files are too large to be sent to Microsoft error message.

Head over to KB2598970 to find your answers.

This post will help you if your on built-in Windows Troubleshooters are not working.

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