Translate Text in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2010 and later provides a translate function that can be used to translate a document. This function available in the Microsoft Office programs likes Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio, and Word is an inbuilt feature and there is no requirement for installation of external translation programs or to use translation service from the Internet.

Translate Text in Microsoft Office

To translate a document using Microsoft Office follow the steps : (I have taken Microsoft Word to illustrate the procedure)

1. Since we are working over Word document, first step would be to create or launch a Word document.

2. Navigate to Review > Language > Translate in the ribbon.  On clicking the translate button in the ribbon three options will appear in a list.

3. The three options that would pop up would be :

  • Translate Document
  • Translate Selected Text
  • Mini Translator

4. To Translate the document in Microsoft Word 2010 over web browser , choose the first option Translate Document.

5. This would bring Translation Language Options where Translate from & Translate to can be selected for different languages.

5. There are as many as 28 languages to Translate to, from 12 Translate from Languages.

List of Translate From Languages

List of Translate to Languages

6. After selection of translation language, click OK & a dialog box pops up to confirm. Click Send to continue.

7. Thereafter, the translation result would be reflected in the web Browser.

8. To translate selected text, choose Translate Selected Text option from the list that pops up on clicking the translate button in the ribbon.

9. On selecting the above option a side pane will open in right side of the document. Choose Translation and set up the language from and to from the dropdown list below.

10. Phrases or sentences can be selected and Translated by right click on the text & then choosing Translate.

The phrase or sentence will be added to the translate pane on right side. Click Go to search. A few seconds later, you will see the translation result in the bottom of the pane.

Whole file can be translated as well from here, by clicking the translate the whole option.

11. For quick translation you can select Mini Translator from the list that pops up on clicking the translate button in the ribbon to use this convenient translator.

12. Navigate to the Translation Language Options dialog box & Choose the to language and click “OK”.

Languages to choose from for Quick Translation

13. Hover your cursor on any word, and you will see the small translation window. At the bottom, there is a bar with options such as “Expand”, “Copy”, “Play”, “Stop”, “Help” and “Update”.

This quick translator would translate the words much more conveniently and may be used when translation of complete document is not required .

Note: Stay connected to the internet while Translation in progress.

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The author Vasu Jain is studying Computer Science at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. He was a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in Windows. He blogs at and can be contacted on Twitter @vasujain.


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