This app needs your permission to use your camera on Windows 10/8

You may be running into this issue where, when you open your Camera application on Windows 10/8 you may get to see this error message:

This app needs your permission to use your camera – You can change this in the app’s settings

This app needs your permission

The main reason why this could happen is that, the app permission was either denied in the first place or it was never asked for. For example, Travel app might use your location to help identify interesting landmarks near you, a Photo app may use your picture library to create a slide show, or an Instant Messaging app may use the webcam connected to your PC for video chats. So if the application fails to prompt or you deny it, when asked for the first time, then it stays blocked until you manually unblock it i.e. manually set the permission.

In this article I’ll show you how to manually set or grant permission for Camera application.

  • Open your Camera application
  • Press Win + C to open the Charms


  • Click on Settings


  • Now click on Permissions – that’s where we’ll give permission for the Camera app to use our Webcam & Microphone.

This app needs your permission to use your camera

  • Now change the Webcam and microphone toggle from Off to On

Now close the Camera application and open it again. You should have your camera application working fine now. Remember this holds for any other application that uses your Camera or Microphone.

I hope you find this article helpful. In case if any issues please respond in our comments section we’ll be glad to help you.

In Windows 10, you will get the settings here – Settings > Privacy > Camera. Toggle the switch to the On or Off position as required.

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  1. Nitin

    I am trying to write a app which use camera. when I click to capture picture using camera. when I clock on settings->permissions, I don’t get an option to select permissions for camera.

  2. Virginia

    SO Helpful, thank you!!

  3. Aparajit

    Must need to open camera app. first..!!!

  4. Fran

    When I try to open camera I get the message “Something happened and Camera Stopped” all the time. I don’t even see it listed in the settings anymore.

  5. akash jain

    thanks seriously..simple and easy to understand… helpful

  6. Adam

    No one, not even Windows themselves explained that this needed to be done from within the camera app itself. A very simple step that they omitted. Thank you for explaining it so simply.

  7. jack d modisa

    thanks very much

  8. Happy

    thanks our web cam is started

  9. Mayur P. Badhe

    thanxs,,,its workinkg

  10. ujjwal kumar


  11. maria andrecencu

    Many thanks !

  12. Rackycz

    Hi all.

    I spent many hours searching for answer to question: “Why I cannot see any permissions in the Charm Bar”? I felt that my application (that I wrote in VS 2013 Express for Windows) needs to register the camera and microphone permission. But all manuals I found only repeat still the same again and again without further ideas or solutions: “Open Charm Bar and set YES”

    But in my charm bar there were no possibilities to allow it. Then I found following article and it finally mentioned the word. “Manifest”. This was the most important information for me.

    So if you are writing an application that should use for example camera (in VS 2013) open your “Solution Explorer” and find the file that contains word “manifest”. In my case it was Package.appxmanifest.

    You won’t see any source codes, but a page with settings. Go to tab Capabilities and on the left side check check-boxes “WebCam” and “Microphone”. You can select any other permission if you want.

    That is the magic.

  13. tic tac Toe

    i dont see any permission option in setting. Infact it shows personlization control panel PC infro and Help tabs. Please help. Os- Win8

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