Ten super-interesting & cool websites you need to know

The Internet is full of websites which are not just for learning stuff but to have fun, and be cool about it. Here is a list of ten exciting & cool websites you need to know. Sites you didn’t know existed but fun to use if you’re bored.

Interesting & cool websites on the internet

1] How did earth look years ago?

Interesting & cool websites on the internet

If you want to find out how the earth looked a couple of million years ago, this is the website you need to check out. It uses historical data based on geographic analysis to recreate. Once it generates, you can turn the globe around to see how the continents were set up during that time.

2] This person doesn’t exist

AI or Artificial Intelligence have come so far that it can create fake people that don’t exist. Every time you refresh the website, you get to see a new non-existent person. It uses Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN). While its a relatively new concept in machine learning, it generates artificial face images by learning from a dataset of celebrity faces. The algorithm has enormous potential especially when it comes to 3D printing or even in animation work.

3] Gravity Points

Gravity Points

If you want to teach your kids how gravity works and affects everything around it, Gravity Point is the website. It’s a simulation which has a lot of particles flying around. You can click anywhere to create gravity points. The particles will be attracted to them. As you create more, and more, one gravity point will draw the other gravity point. It’s fascinating to see it happening live.

4] How Stuff Works

It’s an excellent website if you want to learn or tell your kids about their queries. It most deafening to how stuff works right from “If Rainbows Are Circular, Why Do We Only See Arches?” to ” What happens if the average human life span was 100?”

5] Geo Guessr

This site uses Google Street View and drops you at any part of the world. The game here is to guess where you are. You can mark on the maps to guess the approx location. It’s fun for sure.

6] Soft Murmur

Do you stay in a room without a window? Or is it just too hot outside? Soft Murmor can replicate cool weather like ambiance using sounds of wind, thunder, rain, dire, coffee shop, television noise and so on. There is an app if you want to try it on your phone.

7] 100,000 Stars

Love galaxies and stars? 100,00 Stars is the website which can take you through them. It also offers a tour from Son to other edges and offers information to learn about them.

8] Daily Overview

If you ever wanted to look at places from an astronauts view, this is THE place to visit. It keeps track of places and moments that are continuously changing because of human activity. After watching a couple of images, they look mesmerizing.

9] Find the Invisible Cow

It’s a ridiculous website, but a heck of fun. The page hides the cow somewhere on the page, and you need to find it. All you can hear is the sound of the cow. As your mouse cursor gets closer to the cow, the music gets louder. Click at the point where the noise is loudest, and it will reveal the cow.

10] The Useless Web

Useless Website

Find to find more exciting and cool websites? Check out the Useless Web. Click on the please button, and it takes you to one random site which might have no point at all.

That concludes our list of some of the coolest websites, which can be useful or maybe not, but they are worth looking at for sure. Do you have one such site? Do share in the comments.

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