Critical Past – Interesting website offers historic clips & images

If you are the type of person that loves history and would like to know more about our Critical Past then you should definitely visit  Critical Past website. This website offers more than 57,000 historic video clips, about 7 million photos which are all royalty free.

You can view the photos free of cost however if you want to download them (more than 10 formats available) then you will need to pay for them. Must mention that the pricing has also been kept at an affordable level.

You will also find all sorts of video clips right from the Vietnam war, Cold War to the Berlin Blockade.

Another interesting feature here, is that on the homepage, if you enter your birth date, you’ll get to know what exactly happened on your birthday, i.e. the course of events that took place.

I entered my birth date and I got these results :

The website is very good indeed and you will really like it only if you are a lover of history!

Head over to the Critical Past Website!

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