How to take Screenshots in Chrome or Firefox browser without using 3rd-party software

Firefox is a popular browser for Windows PC. The Developer Toolbar in Firefox and Chrome allows you to take screenshots of the browser window without using any browser add-ons or 3rd-party screen capture software. This tutorial will show you how to capture screenshots in Chrome or Firefox browser natively, without using or installing any third-party software.

You are of course aware that for capturing Desktop screenshots on Windows, you have press the Print Screen or Prnt Scrn key. It can be found in the upper right section of your keyboard. To capture only the active window, hold down the Alt key, before you press the Print Screen key. Let us see how to do it using the built-in Developer Tools.

Capture Screenshots in Chrome browser

Screen Captures can be immensely useful in cases where you come across an interesting tutorial online and would want to save a copy of the web page as a screenshot on your computer for reference, later. If you want to do the same, follow the steps outlined in the post below to help you take full page screenshot of any web page in Google Chrome.

First, launch Google Chrome and navigate to the web page whose screen you would like to capture.

Once there, click the hamburger icon of the browser, visible in the upper right-hand corner of your computer screen.

Next, chose ‘More tools’ when the menu of action expands and later, select ‘Developer tools’ options.

Capture Screenshots in Chrome browser

Thereafter, a small window for Developer Tools will show up. Click on the Toggle Device Mode button as shown in the image below to activate the option. Once activated, the button will turn blue in color.


Here, minimize the Developer Tools window and in the backdrop set up your screenshot. Also, select the right device type for your screenshot from the device drop down menu.

If required, configure the size and orientation of the screenshot.

Once finished, click on the 3-dots icon in the extreme right corner and from the list of options displayed, select the one reading as ‘Capture screenshot’.


That’s it!

Take Screenshots in Firefox Browser

TIP: You can now enable Firefox Screenshots feature.

Open Mozilla Firefox browser and go to the web page whose screen you would like to capture. Once there, click on More Actions icon visible in the upper right-hand corner.

Choose the Developer Tile. This will open the web developer tools. Alternatively, you can press ‘Ctrl+Shift+I’ to launch the developer tools.

Take Screenshots in Firefox Browser

Next, from the list of options displayed, select the one reading as ‘Responsive Design Mode’.

take Screenshots in Chrome or Firefox

Here, if required, you can set up the size and orientation for your screenshot by configuring the correct set of options. Once you find all things in place, hit the Camera button to grab the screen.


Finally, save the captured screenshot to the desired location on your computer.

Screenshots can be of immense use to Web designers who take browser screenshots for performing a thorough checking of browser compatibility in different web browsers and systems. Whatever the purposes may be you can always rely on Chrome or Firefox browser to take a screenshot natively, using these developer tools.

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  1. Olek

    Or, you can just use Print Screen key on your keyboard – awesome tool that allows you to take screenshot from any application you want, not only Chrome or Firefox. Amazing, ain’t it?

  2. Mick

    I use snipping tool for everything, it is light and functional.

  3. Zdzich

    … and in Microsoft Edge browser you can click ‘Make a web note’ icon in the top-right window corner, then scroll-down the web-page, click ‘Clip’ tool and select any region (also whole web-page upwards) to copy it into clipboard (also if you want you can use at first any tool like ‘Highliter’ to emphasize some region of the web-page)

  4. Krystian

    Gorzej jak trzeba zrobi? zrzut ekranu ca?ej strony, wtedy masz klejenia / ??czenia obrazków – dodatkowa robota.

  5. No. Because you can’t take full page screenshots using Print Screen. You’d have to take multiple screenshots and stitch them together using Paint or something.

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