How to take Screenshots in Chrome or Firefox browser without using 3rd-party software


  1. Or, you can just use Print Screen key on your keyboard – awesome tool that allows you to take screenshot from any application you want, not only Chrome or Firefox. Amazing, ain’t it?

  2. … and in Microsoft Edge browser you can click ‘Make a web note’ icon in the top-right window corner, then scroll-down the web-page, click ‘Clip’ tool and select any region (also whole web-page upwards) to copy it into clipboard (also if you want you can use at first any tool like ‘Highliter’ to emphasize some region of the web-page)

  3. Gorzej jak trzeba zrobi? zrzut ekranu ca?ej strony, wtedy masz klejenia / ??czenia obrazków – dodatkowa robota.

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