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How to improve Wireless Network Signal on Windows 10

When the wireless network goes weak, things go slow, and you get disconnected too often. You already know how irritating it is to work on a network with weak signals. 10/8/7 notifies you when the signal strength is weak. But what […]

How to set up Wireless Network Connection in Windows 10/8/7

Wireless networks allow you to work independently – without the tension of plugging in long wires that not only look bad in the house but also are a safety hazard. Since wireless signals travel in all directions and travel fast, […]

Recover lost Wireless Password in Windows 10/8/7

It becomes important to secure your wireless network, if you are using it for work and other related purposes from home. Doing so helps you minimize the chances of cyberpunks who are searching for every possible way to enter your […]

5 Free Wireless Networking Tools For Windows 10/8/7

The other day we were talking about how to set up wireless networks in Windows. There are some real good tools available in the market to help you optimize your wireless experience. Though there are many, I am discussing five […]

Improve Wireless Connection Latency With WLAN Optimizer

An annoying feature that computer users persistently have to deal while playing online games is signal strength issues. One is likely to face the same even while chatting and browsing. These problems occur due to latency lags, i.e. time taken […]