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Download Windows 7 Professional Pack from Microsoft

Microsoft has finally made available for download the Windows 7 Professional Pack for Small Business Server 2011. This download is an add-in for Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials and simplifies many areas of managing client computers. It is simple […]

What is Microsoft codename Atlanta?

Database administrators (DBAs) have to spend a great deal of time and effort dealing with problems related to misconfiguration of Microsoft SQL Server. Microsoft codename Atlanta, a secure configuration assessment service that can reduce troubleshooting time and effort for IT […]

Federated Search Connectors for Microsoft Enterprise Search environment

Federated Search Connectors allow a search solution based on any Microsoft Enterprise Search product like Microsoft Search Server 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, Microsoft FAST Search for SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Search Server 2008, or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, to […]

Download BizTalk Server 2010 Posters from Microsoft

Microsoft has released a set of six printable posters which provides an overview of the capabilities, architecture, configurations etc of BizTalk Server 2010. These Posters are now available for download from the Microsoft Download Center.

Download Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Help Files

Microsoft has updated and released the Help file for  Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and is now available for download at the Microsoft download center. This download contains a standalone version of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Help. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 […]

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Fix: Windows 7 stays at the logon screen for 30 seconds

If you find that the Welcome screen is displayed for 30 seconds during the logon process after you have set a solid color as the desktop background in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2, then this article may […]

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Download Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager

The Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager or RDCMan manages multiple remote desktop connections. It is useful for managing server labs where you need regular access to each machine such as automated checking systems and data centers and is similar to […]

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How to use The Volume Activation Management Tool or VAMT

Microsoft has released a set of 3 Guides on how to use, how to manage product keys & how to track and report activation data  using Volume Activation Management Tool, VAMT 2.0, in Windows client and Windows Server products.

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Deploying Virtual Desktops – Guides from Microsoft

These 4 Guides, for Windows Server 2008 R2, from Microsoft will help you to learn how to set up a virtual desktop pool and connect to the pool by using RemoteApp and Desktop Connection; how to set up a personal […]

Download Release Documents for Windows Server 2008 R2

These documents from Microsoft provide important information you should know prior to deploying and using the Windows Server 2008 operating system, including known issues that you may need to avoid or work around.