Fix: The account is not authorized to log in from this station


  1. This worked for the Windows 10 Preview and we lost the ability to browse the CIFS shares. This fixed it on two machines even before a reboot.

  2. Problem solved – Win10TP prevented access to external hard drives connected to the router – worked OK after registry edit.

  3. I run Windows 10 on a laptop that I bought 3-4 months ago.
    I had no problem accessing an XStreamer (Prodigy) media player’s hard drive via this laptop.

    Recently, yesterday or the day before, Windows 10 restarted my PC while I was away and installed updates.

    Today I notice I can’t access the Prodigy anymore, with the exact same error message you mention in your article.

    is a very recent change, your article predates it, but I tried what you
    suggested, rebooted and I’m sorry to say it’s not the solution.

    I wonder if you ran into this recent problem as well and if you have a solution ?

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