SysMate Hosts File Walker: Freeware to manage Windows Hosts file

Hosts File is basically the file used by Microsoft Windows to map host names to IP address. In simple words; IP addresses can be given names like web addresses. For example if you’ve hosted a local website for accounts management, billing or etc. you can change its address to a name, you can keep it anything for an example, or you can simply create a name like http://something. This feature is really very useful but sometimes it can be hijacked and misused.

SysMate Hosts File Walker

SysMate Hosts File Walker

SysMate Hosts File Walker is a freeware to edit or modify the Hosts file in Windows. With Host File Walker you can add as many records to system hosts file. It even lets you backup and restore the Hosts File.

If you want to add a record to the Hosts file, you simply need to enter the IP address that you want to convert into a URL. Then you need to enter any name for it.

For example, I am working on my Router’s admin page which has a network address of “”. So, I’ve entered this IP address in the first text box and in the other I am going to give it a name. I’ve decided that I’ll name it as ‘’ and that even sounds like a proper URL.

These features in Windows are really very useful. Once you’ve added the records to the Hosts file you can easily make a backup of the file and save it at any other safer place so that whenever you need the same settings again you can restore the file.

Now worries if you have messed up with the Hosts file, or someone has hijacked it. You can click on ‘Restore Default’ button anytime to load the default Windows Hosts File and if you want to delete the hosts file so that there are no such DNS records you can click on ‘Delete Hosts File’ button.

This tiny utility is very useful and handy. It make editing of hosts file convenient and easier. Click here to download SysMate Hosts File Walker.

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  1. Ash

    I don’t know why someone needs to use something like this, while you can simply edit hosts file using any simple text editor such as Notepad!

  2. dan

    security center does not recognize Norton Internet Security

  3. James Smith

    That’s a nice feature of Windows. The problem however is security and flexibility. See also

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