How to stop a web page from auto refreshing in Chrome or Firefox

Earlier, the websites were static which on loading the page, the content remained the same and displayed the same content to every site visitor. However, with dynamic websites, the things changed, and it generated a unique content every time the page loaded. With the advent of features like the web page auto-refresh, the users are tremendously benefited with the real-time information where the websites refresh automatically every few seconds to display the updated content. This is especially useful when you are viewing the real-time websites that report news, auction, election results, and other live reports.

Stop a web page from automatically refreshing

While the feature is extremely useful, it, however, does get annoying when you want to read the content and the page gets reloaded automatically every second in the middle of your work. If you find this feature unnecessary and interrupting, you can disable the automatic web page refresh. In this article, we show you how to disable auto-refresh in major browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Disable Auto-Refresh in Google Chrome

While there is no direct method to disable the web page auto refresh in Chrome, one can opt to download a third party extension to automatically block the web page refresh. Follow the below steps to disable web page auto refresh in Chrome

Download and install the Auto Refresh Blocker extension from the Chrome Store.

Type chrome://extensions in the URL and Navigate to Options.

Go to Details and click on Extension options.

Tick the option with Disable Meta Refresh elements in pages and click on Close.

Additionally one can disable the automatic tab discarding to stop the tabs from auto-refreshing.

Go to Chrome://flags in the URL.

Type Automatic tab discarding in the search bar and choose Disable from the drop-down menu for the flag  Automatic tab discarding.

One can also choose to blacklist the websites from an auto refresh. To do this open the website you want to blacklist. In the top right corner of the page, choose the option Auto refresh Blocker and click on Blacklist website.

Disable Auto-Refresh in FireFox

Type about: config in the URL and click on Enter.

In the search bar, type the preference name accessibility.blockautorefresh.

Right click on the preference name accessibility.blockautorefresh and choose toggle option from the drop-down menu.

Stop a web page from automatically refreshing

Change the value to true from false to disable web page auto-refresh.

See this post to know how to disable Auto-refresh in Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.

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