How To Disable Internet Explorer Auto Refresh

There may be times when you may want to disable the auto refresh in Internet Explorer for various reasons. You might be reading some important data when the Internet Explorer’s auto refresh setting suddenly refreshes the webpage, and you lose track of it. Or maybe you want to simply avoid unnecessary data transfer and save on some bandwidth charges. Whatever be your reason, you can disable the auto refresh feature to get a stable web page.

Many websites have the auto-refresh feature that keeps updating your timeline even as you are reading the data. This is especially so on webpages which have content being updated almost immediately – maybe on a sports page where the score is being displayed. You can stop this auto-refreshing, to avoid the confusion and to stop Internet Explorer from going in for unwanted download of data – thereby saving your money and your time in relocating the data that you were looking at.

Disable IE auto refresh

To disable Internet Explorer from automatically refreshing a web page:

  1. Close all windows of Internet Explorer.
  2. Open Control Panel
  3. Open Internet Options
  4. Click and select the Security tab
  5. On the Security tab, make sure the Internet Zone is highlighted in the box where you find Local Intranet, Trusted Sites and Restricted Sites
  6. Click on Custom Level. If you cannot find the Custom Level option, see if you have already set the security for Internet to Custom Level. If that is the case, you will have to click on Default Level button. Once you do this, the Custom Level button would be available.
  7. In the dialog box that comes up when you click Custom Level in step 5 above, check for Allow Meta Refresh (Allow Automatic Refresh in Internet Explorer version 7 and below) and click to disable it.
  8. Click on OK and click to confirm that you wish to change the default settings for Internet Zone.
  9. Click OK to close the Internet Options dialog box.

This should stop many websites from refreshing automatically, when they are set to auto-refresh.

Please note that some websites (including Twitter) do not use Meta Refresh to refresh your webpage. In fact the use of meta refresh by websites is decreasing, and many prefer to use Java Scripts or HTTP redirection headers. If you intend to stop them, you will have to ask Internet Explorer to stop processing JavaScript, which is not recommended. You can disable scripts and script behavior using the same Custom Level dialog box (Step 6 above).

If you need assistance with stopping scripts, just leave a comment mentioning your Internet Explorer version so that we can assist you accordingly.

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