How to stop videos from playing automatically on Twitter

Twitter is probably the most popular microblogging tool out there, which is being used by more than 300 million people every day. Nowadays, Twitter has become a source of news for many people. Although, different people use Twitter for different purposes, most of the people use it to get latest news or tweets from their favorite source.

Previously, there was no option to upload videos on Twitter. But, now you can upload 30 second videos to Twitter. Apart from that, you can use Vine as well, to share videos.

But, the problem is Twitter loads the video automatically. Whenever, you see a video, simply scrolling down or up will make the video play automatically.

This particular feature has advantage as well as disadvantage. The advantage is you will not have to click on the play button every time to watch. The disadvantage is the video will start playing automatically. That means, if you are reading a tweet or do not want to watch the video, you will be distracted. Or, if you have slow internet connection, your browsing or download speed will be reduced.

Stop videos from playing automatically on Twitter

If you want to stop videos from playing automatically on Twitter, here are two different options. The first one is a browser based solution and the second one is being offered by Twitter itself.

If you use the browser based solution, the GIF or video playing will be stopped globally. That means, not only Twitter but also all the other websites like Facebook will also prevent videos from playing automatically. If you use second solution, you will be able to block that only on Twitter.

Turn off animated GIFs autoplay

This is easy but you will have to do that for different browsers. If you use one single web browser Like Internet Explorer, you will have to do that only for IE. But, if you use multiple web browsers, you will have to block GIF/video separately. Do follow this article to turn off GIF in different popular web browsers.

Stop video autoplay via Twitter settings

As mentioned before, this solution works only on Twitter and the option is provided by the social network site itself. The best part is, the aforementioned solution doesn’t work in Microsoft Edge. But, this method also works in that browser. Therefore, to stop videos from playing automatically on Twitter, log in to that, at first.

Now, click on your Profile button and select Settings.

stop videos from playing automatically on Twitter-1

Under the Account settings, you can find an option called Video Tweets. Just remove the tick from the checkbox of Video autoplay and save changes.

stop videos from playing automatically on Twitter

Now, you will have to enter your password to get things done.

This post will show you how to stop Videos from playing automatically on websites including Facebook.

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