Turn off GIF and disable animated images in Web Browsers

Animated GOF images are cool and have their use. But they can get irritating at times, like when you are browsing your Twitter timeline or reading a web page. The movement can get distracting, as they start auto-playing as soon as you load the page. This post will show you how to turn off GIF and disable animated images in Edge, IE, Chrome, Firefox browsers, and stop them from auto-playing on your Windows PC.

Turn off GIF and disable animated images

Microsoft Edge

There appears to be no way to disable animated GIF images in Microsoft Edge browser, as of now.

If you are browsing your Twitter timeline and you see a distracting animated GIF, click on the image and the animation will stop. Click on it again and it will restart. This works for all browsers including Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and other browsers, thanks to Twitter!

Bonus Tip: If you wish to permanently turn off GIF and Video AutoPlay in Twitter, open your Settings > Account > Scroll down to Content and uncheck Video autoplay.

Internet Explorer

If you want to turn off the animation one-time, you could hit the Esc key. This will stop the animation. If you wish to replay the animation, you will have to refresh the web page.

If you wish to permanently disable playing of animated GIF images, open Internet Options > Advanced tab. Under Multimedia section, uncheck the Play animations in webpage check-box, click Apply and Exit. This will stop animated GIF files from playing only and not Java applets.

Turn off GIF and disable animated images

You will have to restart your Windows computer.


Type about:config in Firefox address bar and hit Enter to open Settings. Search for the image.animation_mode flag and change its value from Normal to None.


Restart Firefox. This will completely disable image animations.

Firefox users will have to use an addon called Toggle animated GIFs.

disable gif firefox

This addon lets you stop or start the GIF animation using a keyboard shortcut or by clicking on them. It also lets you restart animations from the beginning, or disable animations by default. You have to press Ctrl+M to disable or enable the animation and Shift+M to restart the animation.


Chrome users too need to take the help of browser extension. Animation Policy from Google will help you take control. Hide GIFS I am Reading lets you turn displaying GIFs on when you want them, and off when you don’t want to get distracted. There are others like Stop Animations, GIF Jam Animation Stopper and GIF Blocker which too is available at the Chrome Store.

I will update this post if and when new settings are introduced by any of the browsers.

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  1. Duke of Dovsky

    You don’t seem to know anything. Unchecking a box does nothing. These are not the same as the animations that applies to. In Firefox, you download an add-on. I can’t find one yet for IE.

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