How to stop Videos from Auto-playing in Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft Windows 10 v1809 has added options that let you allow or disable video autoplay in Microsoft Edge. You can stop them from playing on all websites you open on Microsoft Edge, or you can allow/stop them from playing on some websites of your choice. Let us take a look at the methods below.

Stop web pages from Autoplaying Videos in Edge

If you too are disturbed when web pages load videos and start playing them automatically, you can now turn video autoplay off from the Advanced Settings of Microsoft Edge inĀ  Windows 1809 or later. The earlier versions did not have the option, and it was pretty irritating to trace the audio tab and then scroll up and down to the video for muting or pausing it.

Stop web pages from Autoplaying Videos in Edge

To disable video autoplay in Microsoft Edge for all websites:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge
  2. Click on the three dots (Ellipses) on the top-right corner of Microsoft Edge or press ALT + X to open the Edge menu
  3. Select the Settings option from the menu that appears
  4. In the Settings menu, tap/select Advanced
  5. You will see options related to Media autoplay
  6. Click or tap on the combo-box to see all three options: Allow, Limit, and Block
  7. To disable video autoplay in Microsoft Edge for all websites, select Block

That will prevent almost-all the websites on the Internet to disable video autoplay in Microsoft Edge. Some websites still may be able to playback videos automatically as they might have been programmed to override the default settings of browsers. It happens on all mainstream browsers.

Allow or Disable video autoplay in Edge for certain sites

The best way is to use the above method to disable video autoplay on all websites in Edge and then permit/allow certain sites one by one. Or if you prefer to block websites one by one, here is the method. The same method can be used to disable video autoplay in Microsoft Edge. It just depends whether you select Allow or Disable in the list box that you get when you click on the lock icon towards the left of the website URL.

Here is the method in detail.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge
  2. Open a website that you know auto-plays videos, and you want it to play media automatically (since we have blocked all websites in the first section above)
  3. In the menu that appears when you click or tap on the lock icon, select Media Autoplay Settings
  4. From the dropdown list that appears, select Allow.

Microsoft Edge - Site based Autoplay Permissions

This method combines both first and second section to (1) Block all websites and then (2) To allow just the desirable sites to play media automatically.

If anytime, you wish to cancel the autoplay privilege given to a website, simply open Options menu by pressing ALT+X. Select Advanced, and then Permissions. From the list that appears, you can cancel the permission of auto-playing media.

The above explains how to disable video autoplay in Microsoft Edge.

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