Stop email spam with MailWasher for Windows

Want to stop email spam? MailWasher is one such tool that lets you delete spam and malicious emails before they even reach your Windows computer. It is an effective tool to prevent spam and junk mail that arrives in your Inbox folder. MailWasher is an adaptive tool that learns as you use it. It uses various other spam filtration technologies that ensure you stay spam free.

MailWasher Review

The first time you start MailWasher, you’ll need to enter your login credentials to your email,  and the program automatically scans for relevant server settings or you can enter them manually. Once done and signed in, you can hit the ‘Check Mail’ button to fetch all the emails from the server.

Stop email spam with MailWasher for Windows

What MailWasher essentially does is that it only fetches email subjects, sender email account and other relevant details rather than downloading the entire email that could potentially contain harmful software. Once you know what emails are waiting for you on the server, you can mark the unwanted emails for deletion and hit the ‘Wash Mail’ button. The marked emails will be deleted, and your default E-Mail program will be started. There is also an option available to preview the email before deleting it.

Stop email spam

MailWasher comes with inbuilt anti-spam tools that let you deal with spam emails more effectively. You can maintain a Friends list of senders so that those email addresses or wildcard expressions are always skipped while scanning emails for spam. On the contrary, you can also maintain a Blacklist of senders such that the email from blacklisted accounts will automatically be marked as spam.

As mentioned, MailWasher is an adaptive learner. You can enable Bayesian Spam Filtering that will quickly learn the way you use your email account and what emails you mark as spam. Spam Reporting can also be availed using any of the online spam reporting services, and the inbuilt one is SpamCop.

MailWasher AntiSpam

Overall, MailWasher is a great tool that lets you manage your email account more efficiently and effectively. It is a time savior and comes with a load of features. There is a paid version available too that comes with a few more features such as the ability to restore back emails from recycle bin, etc. There are a lot other small and amazing features that cannot be covered in one post, so there is a lot to explore.

MailWasher is compatible with most of the email programs including Outlook, Outlook Express, Incredimail, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and EM Client.

Click here to download MailWasher Free.

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  1. M0B33R

    This is my favorite tool for my emails. It’s easy to setup, understand, and use. Once configured properly Mailwasher does it’s job. I also used a small program from Sourceforge called Abuse which scan’s the email headers in the garbage emails and then gives you the link to the ISP Abuse email address which Abuse contacts with a preconfigured complaint email. I add one more free program that scans the headers and comes up with email links Abuse may have missed. It’s IPNetInfo. These 3 programs allowed me to report Spammers and get their IP’s disconnected. It’s actually fun if you have the time to mess with these scumbag spammers and thieves. Mailwasher is the best investment to handle all your unwanted emails.

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