Steam Error – Missing Content Manifest error on Windows 10

Steam is a great hub for users to get various types of games. But while downloading several games and updates to the software itself, users are reporting the Missing content manifest error. The complete error message is:

An error occured while installing <Name of the game> (missing content manifest)

See the Steam support site for more information.

This error is caused due to a conflict faced by Steam to locate the manifest file or the manifest file being corrupt or unreadable, misconfiguration in the region settings, Steam configuration or DNS issues. This manifest file contains all the information like file integrity and usage for the download of the game and hence is very important.

Steam Missing Content Manifest

Steam Missing Content Manifest

To resolve the Missing Content Manifest on Steam, try the following suggestions:

  1. Delete the redundant cache files.
  2. Change the Region settings.
  3. Flush DNS cache.
  4. Flush config for Steam.

1] Delete the redundant cache files

Sometimes, the redundant cache files can cause issues in downloading data for a game. In such cases, you need to delete all the temporary files for that game.

Navigate to the following path inside the File Explorer: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Steam

Select and delete all the files and folders inside this location.

Usually, only two folders name htmlcache and widevine will be present here.

Alternatively, you can open Steam’s settings.

Open the Web browser section.


This will delete all the locally cached data and cookies for your games.

2] Change the Region settings

Open the Settings window for Steam.

Go to the section of Downloads.

Under the heading of Download Region, just select a new region for your Steam account.

Select OK and restart Steam.

This should fix all your issues.

3] Flush DNS cache

Flushing the DNS Cache has proven to be another working method to fix issues like this for Steam. Try it and see if it helps.

4] Flush config for Steam

You should keep a backup of your game data before proceeding with this step as that game data can get deleted.

Open the Run box from the Win + X menu.

Enter steam://flushconfig inside the text field in the Run box and select OK.

If you get any prompt, proceed with the action, and this will reset all the Internet configuration for Steam only.

Hope something here helps you.

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