SpyDetect Free detects malicious spyware processes on Windows PC

Safeguarding our PC against all sort of attacks has been one of the primary concerns for the netizen. It is impossible to judge if our data is being tracked or stolen, still worst is the fact that our credit cards and debit cards are being used extensively for online transactions. This increase in online financial transactions has opened up a new window of opportunity for spywares and other related threats.

It would be wrong to say that we are safe by installing an antivirus software or an anti-malware solution as intruders can break in from many other loop holes. There could be processes on your computer that may be spying on your activities, including your keystrokes.

SpyDetect Free for Windows PC


SpyDetect Free is one such application that is free and detects processes on your computer which might be actually spying on your keyboard and mostly recording your keystrokes. Unlike other tools, SpyDetect Free is free from advertisements, viruses, toolbars and other crapware some tools usually come bundled with.

Installing and using the SpyDetect Free

The best part is the fact that you don’t actually need to install the program, as it is a portable tool. After downloading it, just run it directly. If needed you can also pin the .exe file to Windows Start for easy access.

Once you double click on the SpyDetect it displays two important buttons, one for the “Am I Being Spied On” and another for the “Am I Being Monitored”.

Clicking on these buttons will allow the software to check on the processes. The entire checking process will last for anywhere in between 1-2 minutes’ post which the SpyDetect will display the results as shown in the screenshot below. Clicking on “Details” button will let you check out the detailed stats. Make sure that you leave the window as an Active windows, till the scan is run.


The program seems to do what it claims to do. SpyDetect is efficient in identifying malicious spyware processes that may be spying on you. But it is up to you to identify the processes that may be spying on you.

SpyDetect Free can be downloaded from here.

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