Speedy Painter: One of the best simple painters for Windows

Speedy Painter is a lightweight paint tool for Windows computers. The app is written in C++, which is probably one of the main reasons why it performs so quickly. The app isn’t filled with advanced features, so it is perfect for basic painting tasks. Not to mention, it was designed to work well with both a mouse and pen. Not every paint app is capable of working well with a pen, so we’re glad to see Speedy Painter filling that gap.

SpeedyPainter review


Similar to recent versions of Corel Painter, Speedy Painter brings forth the HUD view that carries the color picker right to the user’s pen, making it easier to change colors on the fly while working. Unlike Corel Painter, however, users are not limited to just a palette of color swatches. There’s an endless selection of shades here, and the user can just choose whatever, as long as it works.

Should users want to limit themselves to shades they have already used, it is very much possible to use the eyedropper tool to take a sample off the canvas. It works, and quite well to be honest.

We found out that flipping the canvas was easy, the same can be said for rotating it. The icon for flipping the canvas reminded us a lot about Corel Painter’s kaleidoscope feature that allows the user to paint several planes of symmetry. Sadly, Speedy Painter doesn’t really support this concept though we hope it does in a future update.

Now, when it comes down to the user interface; while a mouse works well, it appears as if the designers created the app to work even better with a tablet and touch screen. We know that touch devices have become quite popular with consumers and some professionals, but that doesn’t mean app creators should design an app to work best with one over the other.

At the end of the day, though, users can turn it off and left with just the canvas to play around with.

Another neat feature of Speedy Painter is instant playback. This feature automatically captures the brush strokes of the user, making it quite easy to create a fast-paced painting film for the purpose of education or other means. This is great for YouTube and other video platforms. The instant playback feature compresses around 2-hours of work into a 2-minute video.

Speedy Painter download

You can download SpeedyPainter from here.

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  1. Ziggy

    It’s good but has a tendency to crash too often for my liking; mind you I was using the portable version!

  2. Vamien

    That’s probably the cause for the crashing. Suggest doing away with the portable version for now.

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