SnipAway is a free Code Editor for Windows

If you are looking for a simple free code editor for Windows 10/8/7, you should give SnipAway a try. Whether you are into web development or software development, you can use this freeware. It is feature-rich, and it comes with a dark theme.

SnipAway Code Editor

SnipAway: free code editor for Windows with dark theme

Like any code editor software, you can open a folder containing all the scripts, so that you can edit one after the other. Whichever language you want to write, you can get the support in this tool. From syntax highlighting to keyboard shortcut – this tool has it all.

Take a look at some of its features:

  • Keyboard shortcuts: A code editor becomes extraordinary when it offers keyboard shortcuts. Hotkeys are the backbone of swift work. The same thing can be found in this SnipAway tool.
  • Edit lock: If you have opened a lot of scripts, there is a chance of making a mess. Therefore, you can use the edit lock option to prevent unnecessary editing in a script.
  • 43 language support: Although the developers haven’t mentioned any list of supported language, you can write almost all the popular programming languages. From C, C# to PHP, JS – all these common languages are supported by this tool.
  • 25 editor themes: It has dark theme support across the tool. However, if you want to get a different theme for the editing panel, you can get a customized theme. It offers 25 different looks for the editing panel. Apart from that, you can change the font size, tab size, scroll speed, and so on.

After downloading and installing, you can open any script and start editing.

Click the New Snippet button to create a new file or start editing an existing one.

To customize the theme or app, go to SnipAway > Settings. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + P. After that; you will find various tabs. Switch from one to another to find your desired option and make a change if required.

There are other features in this tool. You should install and use it to get a feel of them all. If you like it, you can download SnipAway from the official download page.

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