Fix: SkyDrive Error Icon In File Explorer For Windows 8.1

Microsoft has integrated SkyDrive deeply into the Windows 8.1 operating system. This allows us to sync files between your system and cloud server. SkyDrive feature comes to the rescue when your system fails and you need to access your important documents urgently. In such a case if you have synced your files with SkyDrive; you can access them from anywhere on web.

Today, I came across the synchronization issue with my SkyDrive folder inside File Explorer. Actually, the SkyDrive option in the left pane of Explorer window was showing yellow exclamation mark error icon on the SkyDrive entry. Here is the screenshot of the scenario:

SkyDrive-Error-Icon-In-File-Explorer-For Windows-8.1

However, when I was seeing this error icon, I was still able to synchronize my files but it looks like a single or some files didn’t synchronized from the huge bunch of files. That’s why I was getting the warning mark. I tried the resynchronization of all the applicable files but unfortunately it didn’t helped me. So finally I tried following steps in order to resolve this problem:

SkyDrive Error Icon

1. First of all, close the SkyDrive app and File Explorer from the Task Manager (pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ESC reveals this).

SkyDrive-Error-Icon-In-File-Explorer-For Windows-8.1-2

2. Now press the Windows Key + R and type following location in the Run dialog box and hit Enter:


SkyDrive-Error-Icon-In-File-Explorer-For Windows-8.1-3

3. In the Settings window so opened, select all the items and Delete them.

SkyDrive-Error-Icon-In-File-Explorer-For Windows-8.1-1

4. Moving on, press Windows Key + R combination, type put Regedt32.exe in Run dialog box and hit Enter to open the Registry Editor.

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5. Navigate here:


SkyDrive-Error-Icon-In-File-Explorer-For Windows-8.1-4

6. In the right pane of this location, look for the UserFolder named registry string and double click to modify it. Now in the following box, put the Value data for the correct SkyDrive folder, because you might find different location here since you’re facing the issue.

SkyDrive-Error-Icon-In-File-Explorer-For Windows-8.1-5

7. Click OK and close the Registry Editor and reboot the machine. After restart, you’ll see that SkyDrive is now able to sync your files and error exclamation mark has been removed. Now go to following location:


SkyDrive-Error-Icon-In-File-Explorer-For Windows-8.1-6

8. In the above shown window, delete the SkyDrive.old folder. Now open the SkyDrive Modern App and press Windows Key + I, click Options. Finally enable the Access all files offline option by moving the slider to On.

SkyDrive-Error-Icon-In-File-Explorer-For Windows-8.1-7

Thus in this way your problem can be fixed.

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