Fix: SkyDrive Error Icon In File Explorer For Windows 8.1


  1. This fix took care of my synch problems, but I lost a load of documents! My skydrive folder was in usersowner and I reconfirmed that location when I used this fix. However, when I open Word and select some recent documents Which word says are saved in that location, I get the error, “Sorry, we couldn’t open “” followed by the path name and file name. I seem to have lost everything from the last two weeks. Is there any way to fix this problem or am I screwed?

  2. wow google drive and drop box are so much better than this crap. I’m getting this error. I think I’ll just stop using this piece of garbage. I was using skydrive until all of a sudden it wouldn’t sync my Access databases anymore. When I complained about it some big shot know it all microsoft nuthuggers were saying it shouldn’t because of blah blah blah database design blah blah. So I moved the Access database over to google drive and voila it works perfectly. Again microsoft for the fail!

  3. Firstly, thanks to Kapil for posting this fix to an annoying problem.
    Here’s another way to fix it, which I discovered by accident (while backing up OneDrive directory before attempting the fix as described above). it’s a bit simpler, so might be worth a try – you’ve got nothing to lose except a minute or two of your time.
    Copy the local (to your PC) documents (and/or other directories within the OneDrive directory) to your desktop (or other convenient location – remember to copy not move). During the copy process, you will likely receive an error message that you cannot copy a file (or perhaps more than one) to the desktop as it’s only available online.
    Note the file name and go to the relevant local OneDrive directory and locate the file in Windows Explorer. Right click the file and choose “make available off-line”. You will then get another error message stating the file can’t be made available off-line due to Syncing being paused. Follow the prompts and turn syncing on.
    The yellow warning triangle will then expand (from the OneDrive icon) through the directory tree to the file(s) in question and you’ll also see the syncing symbol appear over the relevant icons.
    Once the syncing process is finished the yellow warning symbol(s) will disappear, including from the OneDrive icon. My syncing process took like 10mins as it had a few updates to complete. You can check progress (although I can’t remember what I clicked) and it opens the OneDrive app and provides a % update.
    Hope it helps.
    Win8.1 64bit

  4. Since this uses the old “SkyDrive” name, I’m nervous to try. Has anyone tried it since the re-name to “OneDrive”? Are the steps the same except replacing latter for former when relevant? Thanks!

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