How to share a web page URL using Microsoft Edge browser

Windows 10 v1703 has added a ton of new features to Edge browser. And one of them was the Sharing option well integrated with other applications. Although you can easily share URLs by copying them from the address bar and pasting it somewhere else, a proper sharing button beside the address bar is a more convenient way to share links.

In the latest update, you might have noticed a share icon beside the address bar in the upper right section. This sharing button facilitates the process of sharing a URL with someone or other applications installed on the computer.

share a web page URL

One can argue that why need an external share button when you can simply copy and paste the URLs. For all touch screen devices running Windows 10, this sharing button is a facility. Users can easily share URLs across different application with just a tap. And it saves time as well.

How to Share a URL on Edge

  1. Open ‘Edge’ from the Start
  2. Navigate to the website you will like to share.
  3. Click the ‘Share’ button from the upper-right section.
  4. Now choose the appropriate application from the sharing panel and you are done.

The panel includes all the installed applications that support sharing URLs.You can share URLs via email, Twitter, Cortana and so on.

The most eye-catching option available here is the Cortana Reminders. You can directly add a link to Cortana’s reminders, and also specify the reminder text, place, time and other relevant details. This feature comes handy when you are working on some project and want to get reminded about an article or a piece of information you just found on the internet.

You can also simply add event links to Cortana Reminders to get notified about the upcoming events with their details. Remember, to use Cortana’s features and some other applications, you need to sign in with your Microsoft Account.

Some other common options in the sharing pane are Facebook, Twitter, Mail, OneNote, Messenger, etc. All other options work flawless and you can even look for more applications that support link sharing. All you need to do is hit the ‘Get apps in Store’ option and you’ll be redirected to Windows Store.

The sharing option not only makes it easier to share links across other applications but also eliminates the conventional copy and paste procedure. So, this was all about the sharing feature in Edge browser. With the Creators Update, Edge has improved a lot and got a lot of new exciting features. Now Edge is a fully functional Windows 10 application.

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