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Set Custom Keyboard Shortcuts for Game Bar in Windows 10

Game Bar in Windows 10 v1703 includes some minor but useful changes. The app, for instance, now allows you to configure shortcuts of your choice. We know, the app helps you record your gameplay in the background. The newly added capability to the app enhances its utility by manifolds. What’s unique about the new change is that although the app allows you to configure your own shortcuts, the standard shortcuts still continue to work.

Let us in this post see how to set custom keyboard shortcuts for Game Bar in Windows 10.

In Game Bar, shortcuts can be configured for the following:

  1. Open Game bar (Windows logo key+G) – It opens the Game bar while you’re playing your game.
  2. Record that (Windows logo key+Alt+G)– Instantly captures the last few moments of gameplay as a video if you have enabled the Background recording.
  3. Start/stop recording (Windows logo key+Alt+R)– It begins or ends a video capture.
  4. Take Screenshot (Windows logo key+Alt+Print Screen) – Takes a screenshot. There’s now support for full-screen view for an additional 88 titles.
  5. Show/hide recording timer (Windows logo key+Alt+T) – Displays the length of the current recording, or hides it to avoid distraction.
  6. Microphone recording on/off (Windows logo key+Alt+M) – Helps you record audio from your microphone, so you can add commentary to your video.

Set Custom Keyboard Shortcuts for Game Bar

To set custom keyboard shortcuts, do the following:

Open Setting. Navigate to Gaming > Game bar.

Now, to set your own shortcut, select the Your shortcut field, and press the keys you want to use for that function. Please note that whatever shortcuts you set, it must include at least one of Control (Ctrl), Shift, or Alt plus at least one other key press.

If you press keys that are already assigned to a common function, like Control+C for copy, they won’t appear in the field.

To remove one of your shortcuts, select the Cancel icon next to the shortcut.

To save the changes, select Save at the end of the Keyboard shortcuts.

That’s it!

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