Select multiple Tiles on Windows 8.1 Start Screen

After the Windows 8.1 Update, you may find that the Start Screen Tiles are behaving a bit differently. Apart from the several new features the Update adds, the introduction of the context menu – instead of the App Bar – for Tile operations is a new feature.

When you click on a Tile, the app or software or program opens. When you right-click on it, you see a context menu. Right-click on another tile and the first one gets de-selected and the context menu for the next tile opens.

Select multiple Tiles

If you wish to select multiple Tiles for performing any action, you can press Ctrl key and click on the Tile. The Tile will get selected. Do the same for the other Tiles too.

You will no longer see the App bar at the bottom when you select any tile; but sure, you can still bring it up still – by simply pressing the Win+Z keys or the Space bar. What you see instead is the familiar context menu..

select multiple tiles windows 8

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Once you have selected a bunch of Tiles that you wish to carry out the common operation on, right-click on any of the selected Tiles to bring up the context menu for the selected Start Screen Tiles.

uninstall multiple apps windows 8.1

You will see that you will be able to perform the following operations on the selected Tiles:

  • Unpin from Start
  • Pin to taskbar
  • Uninstall
  • Open new window
  • Open file location
  • Resize
  • Turn live tile off
  • Clear selection.

Not all may be visible; only those which are applicable may be displayed. Select the operation, and you will find that it is carried out and applied to all the selected Tiles. For instance, the Open file location option will be offered only when a single tile is selected.

Its a great way to uninstall multiple Windows Store apps in Windows 8.1 at once.

Want to change the color of Tiles on Start Screen in Windows 8? Have a look at Windows Tile Color Changer.

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