Search Torrent files from the desktop using TorrentRover

If you download Torrent files to watch your favorite movies or TV shows, then this software will be really helpful for you. TorrentRover is a freeware tool which allows you to search torrent files from the Windows desktop.

Search Torrent files

Using this freeware, you can search, manage, automate and download Torrents from your desktop. Most of the times when you search for Torrents on Torrent search sites, you get unwanted ads, button, fake torrents etc. But the same will not happen when you will use TorrentRover because it is a powerful application that provide fast searching and up-to-date organize content from the most trustworthy Torrent websites. If you want, you can even automate the downloading of the Torrent, by setting and scheduling search and downloading process over a specified time period.

 search torrent files


There are lots of features present in the freeware that can help you to find the secure and healthy torrent and also to automate your task. Some of these are as follows:

  • Portability: The portable version of the software is available and is free to download
  • Fast searches and organized result
  • Automated torrent downloading
  • Manage, search and sort result easily
  • User friendly UI of the software
  • Detailed description of each torrent can be seen

How to use TorrentRover

The user interface of the software is simple, hence you need not worry even if you are a beginner. All you need to do is just to follow these simple steps to search torrent files which you are looking for:


  1. Search torrent files by just typing it in the textbox on the upper right hand side of the window.
  2. If you want, you can even put a filter in the search by using one of the options that are there in the drop down box placed next to the searching text box.
  3. When you are done just press “OK”.
  4. Result related to your search will be displayed in the lower panel of the window.
  5. Select the one which you want.
  6. Just double click on the selected one and the file will be downloaded.
  7. You can also view torrent details by left clicking on the options.
  8. Options like Size, Seeders and Category etc. will be displayed in the lower panel of the main window.

There are drop down buttons present on top of the main window. These are as follows:

  • File: In File you will get the options along with the shortcut keys to open TorrentRover file, to create a new TorrentRover, to open and merge TorrentRover, to save TorrentRover etc.

search torrent files

  •  View: Options like increase, decrease or reset the torrent size, increase, decrease or reset button size, simple view or advance view etc. are there in ‘View’ drop down.

search torrent files

  • Rover: Here in Rover you can create, edit, delete, queue, search or move Rover up or down etc.

search torrent files

  • Torrent: To refresh search result, to get more search result, to download or view torrent, to ban/unban torrent you need to go to Torrent drop down button.

search torrent files

  • Plug-ins: If you want to search the wiki, YouTube or Google etc for torrent then you need to come here.

search torrent files

  • Tools: This show Tools Toolbar and usage Statistics.

search torrent files

  • Help: To search torrent files or to know more about the software or to request for any feature help is there. You can also check for software update here.

TorrentRover download

TorrentRover is in the beta phase right now.  If you wish to download it, go here. The total size of the software is just 3.18MB and the size of the portable version of the software is 5.06MB, so it hardly takes any time to get downloaded and installed on your system.

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  1. jjstccean

    Do I still need uTorrent or some such software on top of TorrentRover?

  2. jhon614

    Yes, TorrentRover is a torrent searcher/manager. It’s not a torrent client.

  3. Jim

    If you download Torrent files to watch your favorite movies or TV shows, then this software will be really helpful in assisting you in continuing to break the law.

    There is no such thing as “trustworthy Torrent websites”…ALL such sites advocate piracy and Torrents are among the leading sources in the spread of computer malware.

    The guy who wrote this article is a moron.

  4. Buck Rodgers

    The Crackers who write the Malware are responsible for the spread of malware not a torrent client, thats like saying no torrents no malware , obviously you really do not like torrents , unfortunately for you they are not going any where as torrents aren’t just for Movies ,Music and T.V they are actually used for other suck on yer malware jim as really there are bigger fish to fry.

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