Fix: Scripts are usually safe. Do you want to allow scripts to run message

When it comes to security settings, it seems like Internet Explorer (IE) shares different options in comparison to other browsers. In the old editions of IE, you might have noticed the error warnings with many webpages. There; IE mentions on which line it was getting the error code. In this article, we’ll discuss about one such warning we have came around so far.

Actually while using IE we observed that a pop-up may keep popping up with following message:

“Scripts are usually safe. Do you want to allow scripts to run?”

[Yes] [No]

The prompt doesn’t tell you what the scripts are intended for. Obviously it will make you frustrated if it keeps popping up. Now since these scripts are not listed, you’re basically in dilemma wondering what to do next. But if the error message is observed, it says the script are safe. Safe scripts implies that these are the codes which you can allow to run and they won’t harm your system anymore. Now, lets see how to get rid of this message pop-up so that interruption can be avoided:

Scripts are usually safe. Do you want to allow scripts to run?

1. Press Windows Key + R combination and put inetcpl.cpl and hit Enter to open Internet Properties.

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2. In the Internet Properties window, switch to Security tab, now click to Custom level option as shown below.


3. Moving on, in the Security Settings – Internet Zone window so appeared, scroll down to look for option Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows. Since you’re facing the issue and getting pop-up repeatedly, you’ll find this option set to Enable. So restore it to Disable, which is default setting.


Finally click OK and then OK followed by Apply for the step 2 window. Now do a reboot, that should fix the issue.

Hope this helps!

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