How to save files from LibreOffice directly to Google Drive

Google Drive is a popular file storage service used by millions of people every day to store files on servers, synchronize documents across devices and share the documents from any location. GSuite tools comprise Google Drive for storage. This cloud-based service is connected to Google’s office suite that permits users to save files in various formats to the cloud and then access the service from different devices and browser-based services to open, edit and create a new file.

Google Drive allows to store universal file formats on their servers and LibreOffice is one among the popular office suites that can be directly connected to Google Drive servers for collaborative editing of files.

That being said, LibreOffice and Google Drive are the two popular open source office suites available for free and are compatible with each other. These two productivity suites are designed to work well on Windows and support major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, and Edge. Both Office suits share most of the common core application and hence it is easy to exchange documents between the two office suites.

LibreOffice users can directly store the files like spreadsheets, drawings, word processor and presentations from the application suites on to the Google Drive for easy accessibility. In this article, we explain how to connect the LibreOffice directly to Google Drive cloud service.

Save files from LibreOffice directly to Google Drive

Setting up Google Drive and Saving a file to Google Drive

Launch LibreOffice and open one of the LibreOffice tools.

Create a new document or open an existing document

Navigate to File and select Open Remote File option from the drop-down menu.

In the Remote Files window that pops up, click Add Service.

In the File Services dialog box, select Google Drive from the drop-down menu in the option Type.

save files from LibreOffice directly to Google Drive

In the User field, type the email address of your Google account and type in the Google password in the Password field.

Give the title for your account in the Label field.

Click Ok to establish the connection.

Once the connection is established, the Save As dialog box for remote files pops up.

Select the directory where you want to save the document, give the file name and click Save Button.

The file will now be saved to your Google Drive.

Saving file directly to Google Drive

Once you have set the connection to Google Drive, you can save a document directly to Google Drive account as follows

Open a Document and go to Files.

Click Save Remote from the drop-down menu.

Select the Google Drive Service from the drop-down menu and type the master password.

Please note that if you have added multiple cloud service to the Remote File tool, select the appropriate service from the Service option in the Remote Files Window.

Give the name for the document and click the Save button.

Access your account & Open a document from a Google Drive Server

The documents in LibreOffice format cannot be read by Google Drive. The drive converts the document into Google format before you can edit or share the document with others. To open a file that is saved to Google Drive follow the below steps

  1. Launch LibreOffice and go to File.
  2. Click Open Remote File from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the password in the prompt box and click Ok.
  4. Search and select the file which you want to open and click the Open button.

For the above steps to work, make sure that you are using LibreOffice version running on Windows and Mac. The cloud service cannot be connected to the LibreOffice version which is running on a Linux or other operating system.

Hope this works for you.

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