Top 10 RPG or Role Playing Games for Xbox One

Back in 2016, there were many speculations that Japanese RPG games would find a base with Xbox and that many Japanese companies would release games made for the system. But that didn’t happen. However, Xb0x still has a lot of west manufactured RPG games and a few Japanese ones as well. Let us take a look at them.

RPG games for Xbox One

Role-playing games are games in which the player assumes the role of a character in the game. The actions of the character are bound to certain rules. RPG games may or may not have a typical storyline, but the success or failure of the game totally depends on the player.

1] Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Star Ocean. Image Courtesy: Microsoft XBOX Store.

This game has one of the most superior combat systems in comparison to other Japanese RPG games. However, the story surrounding the game is average and the voice and acting were disliked by many users. The characters are influenced by anime. Thus you would know what to expect if you have watched Japanese anime cartoons.

The game-play and graphics are simply awesome. The best part is that the game is almost never ending. It has a lot of extra dungeons waiting to be explored.

2] Dark Souls

RPG games for Xbox

Yes, it is difficult. It is difficult to learn and start winning the game, leave alone mastering it. But at the same time, Dark Souls is wonderfully challenging and rewarding. It is one hardcore RPG game, something that would interest true fans only. Though a bit difficult to understand at the beginning, the game is quite nice. New gear, a new vista and a tough enemy, all add on to the thrill of the RPG game.

The game rewards the player as much as it tests him. Though the second version of the game Dark Souls 2 is well in the market, the original has its own unbeatable reputation.

3] NierRPG games for Xbox

Described as a tricky game by many, Nier might not be the best with a few of its features but has many other things which compensate for the same. Some of its features are so amazing that you will simply love the game despite all of its known flaws.

The USP of the game is its incredible story. Despite the small arena to explore in the game, no player could ever feel bored of it, thanks to the awesome storyline and great characters. This game has quite some potential to become timeless with time. It would be remembered by its players years later. Nier can simply not be recommended enough. The awesome game is a must play for game lovers.

4] Diablo 3Diablo 3. Image Courtesy: Microsoft XBOX Store.

More popular for its PC version, the Xbox version of Diable 3, the king of the action-RPG industry is the best variety of the game. With a fun combat and brilliant controls, this game never fails to create an impression on the gamer.

Diablo 3 involves gathering piles of loot, something which is addictive for veteran RPG gamers. But even more amazing is playing this action packed game in a local co-operative.

When it was a mere PC game, it had a somewhat mixed reputation. Most liked it, many didn’t. But the same isn’t true for the Xbox version. They have added some functionality that while bring the game to the console, one of which is “Ultimate Evil Edition” of the RPG.

5] Lost OdysseyLost Odyssey. Image Courtesy: Microsoft XBOX Store.

How could one forget this literal gem of Xbox 360? Lost Odyssey is much better than the Final Fantasy versions of this generation. The story, the gameplay, the characters, and the involvement. It is simply awesome, simply incomparable. While the focus, the USP of the game will always be its story, something that pulls its good old lovers to buy the Xbox version, the gameplay is no less challenging. Rather, in the newer versions, it has been enhanced, adding new features.

Lost Odyssey score above most Japanese RPG games and probably above all menu-driven RPG games. If you were already a fan, you would know why to go for it. And if you haven’t played it yet, this is probably the best time to start.

6] Borderlands 2                           Borderlands 2. Image Courtesy: Microsoft XBOX Store.

Disguised as an open world shooter, Borderlands 2 is a loot-RPG game. While it sounds strange, the game in itself works quite well. Gamers complain that the RPG game lags with its shooting, however, the character build-up, the story, and the gameplay are simply awesome. You can keep playing this superior RPG game for hours without getting bored.

7] Mass Effect 2Mass Effect 2. Image Courtesy: Microsoft XBOX Store.

If the question is why we chose the second part of the Mass Effect series, leaving both the first and the third, I should clarify that all 3 games are good. But you can simply not compare with Mass Effect 2. It is the best in its class.

The sci-fi game’s story revolves a plan to save the entire human race from extinction. The graphics are awesome, music is controlling, and the game has one of the best casts in the western RPG industry.

8] SkyrimSkyrim. Image Courtesy: Microsoft XBOX Store.

Skyrim needs no introduction. One of the most discussed games ever, this enhanced version of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, it well picks the reputation of the famed game while packing itself with more and better features.

Skyrim’s world has everything, from grand landscapes to carefully crafted ruins. The excellent sounds and graphics add to the appeal of the RPG game.

9] Fallout 3Fallout 3

The gameplay of Fallout 3 involves a nuclear wasteland and while the story isn’t the best of its class, the game has so much that you wouldn’t be able to leave the play for the whole long day. The RPG game seems to be never ending with so much to explore, so much to do with it.

Rather, to explore further, it’s next version New Vegas is even better.

10] Tales of VesperiaTales of Vesperia. Image Courtesy: Microsoft XBOX Store.

Tales of Vesperia is perhaps the best of the Japanese RPG games. It has excellent game-play and an awesome battle story. The music is nice as well. It comes with some new enhanced features. The developers have tried their best to design it in such a manner that the player remains hooked to the game for long.

As for the story, Japanese themes never fail to impress us, but yes, I would say it varies from gamer to gamer on how they perceive the story. Nevertheless, the graphics, design, structure music, etc. is unbeatable.

Search the Xbox Marketplace if you want to buy any of them. Though the games are available for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Xbox Marketplace might not have all the options for Xbox One. In that case, they could be bought from 3rd party vendors like Amazon.

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