Top 10 Horror Games for Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Horror movies have their own grace, but no 2-3 hour long episode can stand in comparison to the thrill of playing a horror game on a console where you are the central point of the story. And if the console is an Xbox and the lights switched off, the experience would be amazing.

While Xbox publishes the choicest of games, we have compiled a list of the 10 best out them in the market.

Horror Games for Xbox

1] F.E.A.R 2: The second version of this premier game is like adding double cheese to Pizza. Those who have played the first title would understand that the exploitative and clever game just got scarier and more thrilling in the newer version.

Horror Games for Xbox

While the basic story remains the same, the environment is larger with much more to do around. F.E.A.R 2 introduces more enemies than its predecessor and gives more control to the users.

2] Alone In The Dark: The story of this game revolves around a guy, Edward. He is an investigator, held captive in a guarded building. Though near death, Edward is saved by something of a mysterious presence. He escapes and meets Sarah Flores, who helps him understand the secret behind his release.

Alone In The Dark. Photo Courtesy:

This classic game was released in 2008 but has been modified 5 times since its first launch. Gamers can play the game with 2 perspectives – as the first person or the third person. Though Alone In The Dark is a long story to complete, certain steps could be skipped if found difficult.

3] Fallout 3: Ideally, Fallout 3 is categorized as an RPG game, but the horror elements in the game never fail to thrill. In this game, as soon as the main character, which is player-created, turns 19, the character starts searching for his missing father.

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Fallout 3 is known for its amazing sound effects and quick rounds. Unlike other horror games, it isn’t only about the story, but the action as well.

4] Resident Evil 5: In this game, Ricardo Irving is a suspected terrorist who has to be nabbed at any cost. It is believed that Irving is planning to sell a dangerous weapon of mass destruction through his contacts in the black market. Either Sheva Alomar or Chris Redfield (as chosen by the player) would be given the task of arresting Ricardo.

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If you are playing the 5th version of the game, you must be familiar with the perspective of the previous versions. Nothing much has changed since then. The only thing that has changed is that they developers have added new weapons and made it easier to find challenges online. Neither the story nor the environment of the game has been altered much.

5] Silent Hill Homecoming: We have heard quite a lot about horror games being inspired from successful horror movies. But this is one game has inspired the plot and theme of 2 films. One is out and another in the making.

Silent Hill Homecoming

The main title ‘Silent Hill’ was good but not among the best for Xbox. ‘Silent Hill Homecoming’ is its upgraded version. The shortcomings have been rectified. It surely has the scope of reaching to the top.

6] Left 4 dead 1+2: Probably the best game among those with a zombie apocalypse, its USP is involving many players as a team to complete the campaigns. Left 4 dead is a horror game for sure, but it is more inclined towards the action category.

Left 4 dead 1+2. Photo Courtesy:

The thrill of the game lies in communicating with unknown comrades (usually online), working as a team and completing episodes in sync. The team involvement is such that each player depends on the team for ammunition and escaping obstacles.

7] Dead Space 2: This sequel to Dead Space was quite awaited. Rather it took almost 3 years for the launch.

Dead Space 2. Photo Courtesy:

Dead Space 2 is one of the scariest games and is not recommended for those with a faint heart. The main character Issac Clarke is yet alive. However, things aren’t the same as earlier. He doesn’t remember the misdeeds of the necromorphs that were done in the previous episode since he suffers from amnesia. As soon as he is released from the hospital, the protagonist of the story, Franco is killed and becomes a necromorph. Now Issac has to control the crisis.

The updated version has changed little regarding graphics and utilities. Much remains the same despite the considerable time spent. But the reason anyone would buy the game is the story, the brand. Dead Space was one of the most popular horror games in the market, and the new form is only going to make things better.

8] Condemned 2: Another sequel in the list, Condemned 2 has bettered the story of the primary version quite a lot. The main character Ethan Thomas is still in the game but as a lonely, alcoholic, homeless man. When Ethan realizes that his old enemy is still alive, he decides to join the Crime Unit to counter the threat.

Condemned 2. Photo Courtesy:

The game retains all the thrilling features from its original episode, like combo attacks and time bound finishing moves. However, a few weapons have been made weaker to add to the difficulty of the game.

9] Deadly Premonition: Francis York Morgan is an FBI agent. He is investigating the homicide of a young woman Anna Graham. The interesting part of the story is that Francis has a split personality with his alias being Zach. But both of them are not sound enough in interacting with people. This is something that makes it difficult to find a solution to the case.

Deadly Premonition. Photo Courtesy:

Deadly Premonition would need a long time to learn and play. It is a game that needs to be played throughout the day and then the night. Its day-night cycle is thrice as fast as the real time one.

10] Alan Wake: The mere fact that the game has been designed by the same masterminds who made Max Payne explains why Alan Wake is a must try. Alan Wake, the main character is a novelist who is finding a way of overcoming his writer’s block. Alan’s wife Alice goes missing and Alan has to find her. However, all he has as equipment is a gun and a flashlight.Alan Wake. Photo Courtesy:

While playing the game, it didn’t seem any less than Max Payne in appeal. The same thrill, the same mystique in the story.

The Xbox 360 versions of the games can be purchased from the Marketplace here or Amazon. The Xbox One versions can be purchased from third party sites like Amazon.

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