Ribbon Icons Customizer – Change Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon Icons easily


  1. I tried this thinking it would be great to tweak the ribbon icons… what I got was a destroyed registry that even System Restore could not fix. First off the registry tweak did not write correctly because it said it didn’t have proper permissions to finish, but what it did do was change some of the registry entries. On reboot I got the new frowny-face 🙁 blue screen of death. I had to reinstall my entire Windows 8 Pro set up from scratch… NOT FUN. I highly DO NOT RECOMMEND this app… The Windows Club should take it down until its author can correct its compatibility problems with Windows 8 RTM so other people don’t trash their systems with this.

  2. Hi, yes, actually I did… no difference. The only way out at the time was to reinstall… of course I haven’t tried this app since. I decided having standard icons and a working OS wasn’t such a bad deal after all! LOL

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