How to report Hate Speech Content to Microsoft

It won’t be an overkill to call the Internet, the innovation of the century – but that doesn’t mean that it is necessarily a very nice place. The Internet, just like all the other things in this world has its own dark side including haters, trolls, abusers and also cyber criminals. Just like how one would go and report an abusive behavior to a cop in the actual world the same can also be done on the internet. Microsoft has launched a new initiative to make it easier for internet users to report such unruly behavior. But before that, we need to understand as to what exactly does hate speech constitute and how we can report the same to the authorities.

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What is Hate Speech

Hate speech in the online world is something very similar to the real world except the fact that identities of the abuser might not be revealed. Hate speech is a speech that attacks a group or an individual based on the attributes like religion, sex, race, disability and also sexual orientation. A website that uses hate speech is commonly referred to as a hate site. If you find abuses hurled at you or a video trying to target a community, in general, it’s time you report the same. Extremist groups & Terror organizations have been leveraging this very hate speech to lure the people into their organizations. While most of the online services including Twitter and Facebook are fighting in unison to end this menace it is far from over.

Report Hate Speech to Microsoft

Microsoft seems to have taken upon itself to make the world wide web a better place and as a result, has launched a new dedicated web form for the complaints. This is what folks at the Microsoft had to say about the new initiative

“Microsoft is committed to creating safe online communities where our customers can learn, play, grow and interact without the threat of violence or hatred. That’s why for many years we’ve sought to protect our customers by prohibiting hate speech and removing such content from our hosted consumer services. While neither our principles nor our policies are changing, we are refining some of our processes to make it easier for customers to report hate speech. We’re also simplifying requests to reinstate content that customers feel was removed in error”

Microsoft already has a solid guideline when it comes to taking down the hate speech and it in all likelihood the company is just fine tuning the entire process and making it more efficient. Further, Microsoft says that it will retain the “notice and takedown” approach for removing prohibited content found on hosted consumer services.

However, all content that you may find offensive or consider as hate speech will be reviewed thoroughly before it is finally removed from the website.

All you need to do is fill in this web form with all the details asked for and try to be as contextual as possible. Once the request is sent it will be queued for review and the findings would be communicated via an e-mail.

So it’s time for us as netizens to sweep the internet clean of hate speeches and inflammatory content.

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