How to add or remove Words from Chrome Spelling Dictionary

If you are a Chrome browser user you would have seen the red colored line under the word while writing an email or comment on web page post or YouTube comments. It might be the correct word, but say the name of the person or place or anything which cannot be found in Chrome spelling dictionary will be treated as the misspelled word. When this happens, we either ignore it or opt to add it to the dictionary if we do not want to be reminded again.

Add word to Google Chrome’s Custom Spelling Dictionary

To add words, what we do is just right-click on that word and it will show the correctly spelled word or we click on ‘Add to Dictionary’. By doing so, we will not come across this problem again.

add or remove Words from Google Chrome Spelling Dictionary

We might come across a situation where we may have added a wrong spelling word to Chrome dictionary. This will create problems. Most of us find it difficult to remove such words from Chrome spelling dictionary, but there is an easy and handy way to do so and if you are looking for the same, then you have done right thing landing on this page.

Remove Words from Google Chrome’s Custom Spelling Dictionary

Apart from just removing words from Chrome dictionary, we can even add words to it which will also be covered in this article. First, we need to know how to access Chrome custom dictionary. There are two ways of doing that and I will let you know both of them.

To do this, open Chrome Settings as follows: Open Chrome, click Customize button and choose “Settings”.

settings in chrome

Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings window and click “Show advanced settings”.

advanced settings in chrome

Now click on “Language and input settings” button in the advanced settings.

language settings in chrome

Languages page allows you to add language if you want to work with different languages. As of now to add or remove words, click “Custom spelling dictionary” which is at the bottom.

open chrome spelling dictionary

Alternatively, you could simply type the following URL in the Chrome browser’s and hit Enter:


google chrome spelling dictionary

You will see that Chrome custom dictionary has been opened and a list of all words which you have manually added to it till date. Just click on X on the right side of the word to remove it from the dictionary. Next, click on “Done” or close the chrome tab to save.

remove word from chrome spelling dictionary

If you want to manually add a word to Chrome custom dictionary then scroll down the words list and at the bottom type the word in the “Add a new word” text box and click “Done”.

add word to chrome spelling dictionary

So if you added a misspelled word or a wrong spelling of any word to your Chrome, you now know how you can remove or edit it.

Chrome user? You definitely want to learn some interesting Google Chrome Tips and Tricks.

This post will show you how to add or remove words from Spell Checking Dictionary.

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  1. Christopher Todesco

    These instructions no longer work.

  2. Raj

    Yeah, both these methods are no longer viable; there is no “Custom Dictionary” link and the full url jumps back to the regular Chrome setting’s page.

  3. I could still see above mentioned two options in my Chrome V 55.0.2883.87. Could you please update your Chrome and give it a try!

  4. I could still see above mentioned two options in my Chrome V 55.0.2883.87. Could you please update your Chrome and try once again!

  5. Raj

    There was confusion on which Library folder, so the file is there and that method works but the link (chrome://settings/editDictionary) still does not bring up anything to edit the dictionary entry and jumps back to the general settings page (chrome://settings/)

    That’s even with version 55.0.2883.95

  6. Raj

    And as you can see here, there is no “Custom Dictionary” link, even with the newest version ( 55.0.2883.95):

  7. Could you please let me know whether you are using Windows or MAC OS??

  8. Raj

    Mac OS 10.10 I believe (I’ve stepped away from the computer)

  9. Oh… there it is… I am not sure about MAC regarding this, but it would work well for Windows 🙂

  10. Mugs

    I recently had to remove Chrome from my computer, completely. When I reloaded it, the efforts of YEARS I have spent getting Chrome’s very poor dictionary up to speed was gone. Chrome recognizes “ethnicity” but not “ethnicities.” Fully 10% of the words on any written page are red, not because they’re incorrect, but because Chrome’s dictionary is THAT BAD.

    The ability to add words to the dictionary is nice for the many proper nouns that few people will ever see, but Chrome’s dictionary lacks many basic words in the English language, and is utterly horrible when it comes to plurality, verb forms, and the like.

    All the words about which I speak are in the Oxford English Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, and others. I’m not asking Chrome to include an entire dictionary! I am asking them to include a far more complete list of properly-spelled words. It’s merely a good list, not a full dictionary that we require.

    Come on, Google! If it’s worth doing at all, it’s worth doing right.

  11. sammi

    doesnt work on version “Version 66.0.3359.139 (Official Build) (64-bit)”

  12. What about REMOVING ‘officially’ misspelled words from the official Chrome dictionary? Obviously, they’re not going to let us into it. But having dealt with Google and their worthless ‘help’ pages and discussion boards for many years, I know there’s probably no real way of reaching them. Complaints go into the ether. Their help forums are invariably filled with extremely frustrated people asking reasonable questions and virtually never getting any answers. I think maybe I’ve seen two G reps out of many hundreds of such threads, and only ONCE do I recall one of them offering a real answer.

    I’ve run into several such ‘officially’ misspelled words in the Chrome dictionary and they make my brain itch. Not alternative spellings I found in any dictionary — just wrong. I found one just a few days ago though I don’t recall it right now. When I saw how Chrome had ‘corrected’ it to a misspelling I googled the word and the two major online dictionaries and Googles own search dictionary had the correct spellings, even though Chromes dictionary had the wrong one. (And, yeah, I checked to make sure I hadn’t accidentally added it.)

  13. Try using the direct URL method described above:

    Alternatively, you could simply type the following URL in the Chrome browser’s and hit Enter:


    — It worked for me just now using up-to-date Chrome.

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