How to remove Earlier Version of Windows from Boot Menu

This post shows how to remove Earlier Version of Windows from boot menu in Windows 10/8/7. You can remove it after uninstalling one OS from a dual boot computer. If you have two versions of the Windows operating system installed on a computer, and you uninstall one of them, then in the boot menu, you will continue to see the entry for the earlier version of Windows too.

This issue may occur even after using the new installation for several days. At every startup, you need to select the current operating system’s name and hit the Enter button to boot into your system. If you want to remove Earlier version of Windows entry from the boot menu, here is the solution to do it using BCDEDIT.

Remove Earlier Version of Windows from Boot Menu

Open Command prompt with administrative privilege.

If you are using Windows 7, you can search for cmd in the Start Menu, right click on the exact result and select Run as Administrator. If you are using Windows 8.1, you can open that by pressing Win+X and selecting Command Prompt (Admin).

After opening the command prompt with admin privilege, enter the following command, and hit Enter.


This will help you know the currently installed and registered operating system(s) on your PC.

BCDEdit or Boot Configuration Data Editor Tool is a useful built-in tool that can even help you change Boot Menu Text, when dual-booting same version of Windows.

You will see an entry, which says Windows Legacy OS Loader. In the description, you will see Earlier Version of Windows. If you can see it, you will be able to delete this entry, by entering the following command and hitting Enter.

bcdedit /delete {ntldr} /f

It doesn’t take a long time. Just after hitting the enter button, you will get a Success message that looks as follows:

remove Earlier Version of Windows from boot menu

The change will be reflected immediately. You can restart your PC to check whether the unnecessary entry has been removed or not.

EasyBCD is a free boot editor software some of you may want to check out.

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