Change Boot Menu Text, when dual-booting same version of Windows 10/8/7

Starting with Windows Vista, the boot loader has been moved from boot.ini to a utility called BCDEdit or Boot Configuration Data Editor Tool. In this post we will see how to modify, change or edit the Boot Menu Text in Windows 10/8/7/Vista.

If you set up a dual-boot system using say Windows 7 Home and say, Windows 7 Pro, the boot menu text will be the same for each: viz Microsoft Windows 7.

Edit Boot Menu Text

You will therefore be unable to tell which is which, since by default, the setup will add the generic entry: “Microsoft Windows 7” for each installation of Windows 7, irrespective of the version.

So, to make the boot menu text more clear, you can take the following steps:

Start your machine, on which you have installed the two versions of Windows 7.

Choose either of the two entries from the boot menu.

After the computer start up is completed, make a note of which installation is running.

Lets say you chose the first option, and the installation you found running to be was Windows 7 Home.

Then type “cmd” in Windows 7 Start Menu Search Box and hit Ctrl+Shift+Enter to open an elevated Command Prompt window. Click OK to the UAC prompt.

Now type the following:

bcdedit /set description “Windows 7 Home”

Do include the quotation marks.

Hit Enter.

Restart your computer and you will see that the menu description you entered now appears.

Now select the other menu option and repeat the same procedure as mentioned above using instead the text, now, as “Windows 7 Pro”

Hit Enter.

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