Advanced Visual BCD Editor & Boot Repair Tool for Windows

Visual BCD Editor is an advanced GUI for the BCDEdit utility in the Windows operating system. In fact it looks to be the first GUI utility to implement full editing of the BCD store.

Visual BCD Editor

The Visual BCD Editor utility allows you to create a new Windows 10/8.1/7/Vista/XP/VHD Loader with the help of a few clicks and keystrokes.

You can create boot sector (Linux, Ubuntu, Mac OS X) loader in one click plus extraction of MBR or PBR with DD utility for Windows.

The latest version now comes with automatic creation of missing Windows 10/8.1/7/Vista/XP/VHD loader entries.

The user can create and change the value of more than 120 properties of BCD objects by simple edits. Other similar utilities do not  give access to not more than 30 properties. It is available for download here.

Boot Repair Tool

The Visual BCD Editor tool also includes Dual-boot Repair, a  one-click repair facility.


Dual Boot Repair Tool can repair the MBR, boot records and sectors, repair BCD, Windows BCD store and the disk structure by simple selections and clicks. It repairs non-booting Windows 10/8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista in the scenario of a dual or multi-boot system with Windows 10 / Windows 8,  7 or XP or Vista and Windows 7 and Vista.

Also check out another similar tool EasyBCD.

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  1. sounds nice
    but easybcd is much easier to use and more useful

  2. Darko

    The automatic creation of Windows loaders is more than easy to use, no drive or whatever to specify – just click and you are done.

  3. DASfa

    I cant find how to open the dual boot repair for the life of me. Its just not there

  4. Jayro Jones

    So… where’s the download link?

  5. Marlon

    y si no puedo iniciar windows como putas voy a instalar esta mierda para poder reparar el inicio

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