How to Remote Shutdown Windows 10 computer


  1. …that doesn’t work.

    Delivers an error when you hit “Browse” on the dialog:

    “The Active Directory Domain Service is currently unavailable.”

    Lots of reports of this one out in Googleland. No solutions.

  2. When you opened Command prompt did you Right clicked and run as administrator? Make sure RPC Server, RPC Server Locator, Remote Registry, Remote Desktop Services, services are running on Remote computer. See if you can RDP into that computer as well. Sometime Firewall might block the connection. Remote Administration and Windows Management Instrumentation must be added to Firewall exception.

  3. The above command does not work.

    I tried cmd with admin rights.

    I checked the RPC,remote registry and remote desktop services were running

    When I tried to shut a remote computer connected to my router it gave error access denied, error 5

  4. I know this is old but Google brought me here…

    In my case you also have to enable File and Print Sharing in Firewall. For most people that’s probably a given that it’s already enabled but in my case it was not.

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