How to record Video Game content with Game Capture HD

Gamers who enjoy sharing content on the web will most likely have heard of Elgato. The company creates some of the best video game capture hardware on the market, but not only that, it does pretty well in software. Elgato is the developer of a software known as Game Capture HD, and after several uses, we’re quite confident that you should take the time out and give this tool a chance. With this tool, users can stream their favorite games to Twitch and other platforms.

Game Capture HD – Record Video Game content

When it comes down to capturing video game content for upload to YouTube, the Elgato Game Capture hardware is required. With it, the option is there to capture content from your Xbox One and Windows 10 computer with relative ease, and that’s great.

  1. Game Capture
  2. Streaming
  3. Upload
  4. Preferences

Game Capture

How to record Video Game content

Recording video game content is relatively easy with this tool. Just be sure to have your Elgato hardware on-hand, connect it to your PC and prepare to get going.

Once everything is up and running, just click on the red button at the bottom-left corner to begin recording. Bear in mind that all recorded content will be stored on your computer’s hard drive for future reference. You can even take screenshots of the game being played, which is a neat addition.

Additionally, there’s a section at the bottom that shows in real-time how much space is left on your hard drive.


Game Capture HD

In terms of streaming, then, users are required to click on the green globe button with the title, Streaming. Folks can set the tool to perform a live stream over services such as Twitch or Mixer, and if needed, live commentary is also an option right off the back.

Everything is just a few clicks away, and that makes it super easy to use and understand without a steep learning curve.


When you’re done capturing content, uploading to the web is relatively easy as well. Click on Edit and there you’ll see the ability to upload to YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms. If you want to have an MP4 file, then the pro version of the app is required in the end.

We doubt a lot of people use the upload option since many creators tend to edit their videos in a more powerful video editor before uploading it to YouTube.

Still, that doesn’t mean what Elgato Game Capture HD brings to the table isn’t good enough for basic tasks. It means if you are unable to afford one of the quality video editors, you can use what is on offer here for the time being.


In the preferences section, which can be accessed via the gear icon, there’s a lot to see there. Users can change the video and screenshot output folders. Additionally, enabling flashback recording is also a thing, but it’s not something most will need.

Clicking on the Sharing tab will give users the option to only have the app show their preferred platforms. If you only upload content to YouTube, then removing the others from the user interface is just a few clicks of the mouse.

Overall, we found this tool extremely easy to use at the end of the day. But again, we must stress that you’ll need the Elgato capture device to get the job done, which is the only way to gain proper and quality game capture no matter what you use.

Download Game Capture HD from the Elgato website.

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