Instantly disable, enable, Java, JavaScript, Flash in Firefox with QuickJava

If your Firefox browser is running slow due to various add-ons installed, then here comes QuickJava to the rescue. QuickJava allows users to enable and disable Java, JavaScript, Cookies, Stylesheets, Image Animations, Flash, Silverlight, Images and Proxy from the toolbar. This is great for increasing security or decreasing bandwidth.

Usually, if we want to disable Adobe Flash, then one has to navigate to the Add-ons page and wait for the Adobe Flash player to load. Once you see all the add-ons loaded completely, then switch to plugins and look for Adobe Flash Player, and click on the enable or disable option to turn that plugin on/off.

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QuickJava addon for Firefox

QuickJava in just few click lets you disable all those Adobe Flash, Java and Silverlight add-ons running in your Firefox browser and make your Firefox browser feel light. The add-on adds rigorous security settings and smart habits that lessens the chance of malware infecting your computer.

QuickJava addon for Firefox

You can install QuickJava from the Mozilla extensions webpage and restart the browser to activate the plugin.

A small QJ blue button will appear on top right hand side of the browser. Clicking on that will turn QJ icon color to red and QuickJava will get activated. The small drop down button that appears on QJ allows user to turn JavaScript, Java and Flash plugin.

If a user wants to add few other shortcut buttons that should appear along with JS, Java and Flash. Hence to do that a right click on QJ icon > Option. It will open a panel from where you can pick the desired plugin to add.


QuickJava Addon makes the task easier, if a user needs to disable or enable certain features like JavaScript – especially if it is not responding on a certain web pages. From its  Options panel, a user can add up to 7 buttons to the status bar. QJ also offers advanced and Beta options to make suitable changes with the plugin.

It offers better control over issues arising from plugin crash and script errors, since users can disable those plugin when not using it and can also free up the memory being consumed by such addons.

There is also proxy button in QuickJava which is hidden by default, but users can enable/disable it according to their need. It is available in the Mozilla Firefox add-on repository and can be downloaded for free.

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