Disable JavaScript In Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera


  1. Anand,
    I’m a big fan of your helpful posts and respect your expertise. This is useful article in the way it provides steps for each browser but mostly I hope it helps more people understand that Java & JavaScript are totally different. Recently, I’ve instructed people to remove Java & many had or wanted to know how to disable JavaScript. While JavaScript has some cases of flaws and abuse it’s nothing compared to the potential vulnerabilities of Oracle’s Java. JavaScript, Active Scripting, JScript or whatever it’s called is a spec that (IMHO) is a wonderful, powerful tool. It can be used to really make a web page pop.

  2. That is indeed true. Many confuse between Java and JavaScript.

    Every other day, one gets to read about vulnerabilities being found in Java. While I have chosen to uninstall Java from my computer, I have not disabled JavaScript.

    Thanks for stopping by, Bill. 🙂

  3. Couldnt work any of the techniques above. The page i was trying to open didnt allow to paste the java code in browser. Then I disabled the java settings and the page didnt even open

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