Quantum Lights theme for Firefox Quantum changes based on time of day

Mozilla’s Firefox Quantum v57 browser ships with three themes – the default Australis, a Light and Dark Compact. The light one has the active tab colored in blue. Any user wanting to activate this can do it via about: addons or the hamburger button > customize option. The browser ships with many performance improvements and a sparkling new interface. You can enhance the interface further using Quantum Lights theme.

firefox quantum theme

Quantum Lights theme for Firefox

Quantum Lights are Firefox Quantum palette-inspired theme which changes based on time of day! It makes full use of it dynamic theme capabilities The feature is not just restricted to open browsing but works equally well for private browsing or incognito mode.

Unlike other themes of Firefox that are static in nature, themes supported by “Quantum Lights” are very much dynamic. What does this mean? The themes change as the time for the day advances. As such, when you launch the Firefox web browser after installing the “Quantum Lights” theme, you will find the tabs appearing little yellow during the daytime while changing to bluish as the darkness sets in.

When you first add the extension to the Firefox browser, you can instantly notice the top part being displayed in a dynamically generated color gradient. All the colors appear quite bright and vibrant. The color adjusts to the sizes of the Firefox browser windows, accordingly.

Firefox Quantum

Currently, there are no options available for the “Quantum Lights” theme. I hope that some get added, soon. Also, it would be useful if there are some options included to change the gradients but none of them should impact system resources. Nevertheless, the theme is very beautiful, and makes full use of the dynamic theming capabilities in Firefox Quantum. Go get it from mozilla.org.

UPDATE Aug 31, 2018: Seems the Quantum Lights theme for Firefox is no longer available on the Internet.

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